How To Become An Exceptional Birth Pro

life planning for birth prosLife Planning 101 Part Four

I should have named this post: ‘how to stop being a hot mess of a birth pro.’ Or: ‘How to stop face-planting over the same stupid problems.’

That way I would have actually gotten the audience who needs this to click on this. If you know someone who needs this–like, your competitor doula in your local area… go ahead and share this!

If you’re here and you’re a planner, a lot of this will seem simple– these posts are for those of us birth pros who are low on the conscientiousness spectrum: we don’t naturally have an awareness of what is needed or the detailed-oriented thinking to make sure all needs are met; we’re not naturally ‘dutiful or reliable’. We’re more creative, spontaneous, and, well, fabulous! 

However. Being an excellent birth professional requires more than just having a passion for birth and showing up as your fabulous self. 

Unfortunate, I know. 

One of the core values of Brilliant Birth Academy is excellence. While the next few blog posts may seem more personal than professional, professional excellence is built on personal excellence. Most forms of birthwork are also heart-based work, so personal wellness key to supporting wellness in the clients we serve.

For many of our students at Brilliant Birth Academy, becoming a birthworker is one of their first steps toward a life marked by a higher level of contribution and showing up with consistent excellence for the challenges of birth often require a higher skill level of planning and organization. Stay with me. Breathe. 

We’ve already covered why planning and scheduling our goals into the reality are the cornerstone skill needed to build a remarkable life—professional and personally.

Then we looked at all the benefits planning is going to bring into your life.

If you don’t already have a planner, go out and treat yourself to a beautifully designed planner and make sure it has a monthly AND a weekly section.

It will take an investment of time for you to learn this new skill of life-planning and scheduling, but it will save you countless hours a week, every week, for the rest of your life. More importantly, it will become a basic formula you can intuitively apply to build a remarkable life—no matter how you define success. The most complex goal you have is still solved with the basic formula!

Here’s the formula:

  1. List your current life accounts
  2. Identify the specific action steps required for each life account to be ‘positive’
  3. Schedule these action steps at a monthly, weekly, and daily level
  4. Review/adjust your life-plan

The next post will walk you through stage one how to list your current life accounts which will bring your awareness to what you already have going on and show how to intentionally bring your time, energy, and attention in alignment with your values. See you soon. 

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