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Reported Benefits of Lunaception

These are some of the benefits women have reported:

  • Women with anovulatory cycles have become ovulatory.
  • Women with unclear mucus readings develop discernible, healthy mucus build-up.
  • Cycles that had been very short (26 days or less) or very long (35 days or more) become 27-31 days long.
  • FSH levels become healthy.
  • Spotting at various times during the cycle is significantly reduced.
  • Progesterone levels are strengthened.
  • Women with a history of miscarriage(s) are able to sustain pregnancy.
  • Premenopausal women develop a more discernible mucus pattern; and the intensity of their premenopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, sleeplessness, and mood changes are reduced.

[Singer, Katie. “Natural Remedies for Strengthening Your Menstrual Cycle” Weston A. Price Foundation]

The Eight Phases of a Lunar Cycle: 

    • New Moon
    • Waxing Crescent
    • First Quarter
    • Waxing Gibbous
    • Full Moon
    • Waning Gibbous
    • Third Quarter
    • Waning Crescent

The cycle repeats every 29.5 days.

“Synching my work schedule with my cycle began initially as committing to less trips, clients, and deadlines when I’m energetically at my lowest.

The idea for me then expanded as I began to benefit from limits with personal projects that didn’t naturally have any limitations. Because I set aside time for refinement, tying up loose ends, and rejuvenation, I was no longer in an endless unvarying wasteland of ‘work days’.

Now I realize these containers enable me to (surprisingly) accomplish more while spending more time in relaxation and refreshment. I also now have a habit of celebrating my creative and personal accomplishments which has increased my joy, satisfaction, and pride in my work in such a meaningful way. I no longer race past finish lines to the next project without experiencing gratitude.

Aligning work expectations with the varying energy levels of the menstrual cycle enables me to channel my energetic days and honor my recovery days.

The third quarter release is a dedicated time I spend cleaning up my desktop files after a project, organizing my work spaces, and decluttering my home. This results in a tangible order that is wonderful to experience for my whole family. Donation bags go out, cleaners come in, and the various family members complete their list of ‘end of month chores.’ As the waning crescent dominates, it’s a beautiful relief to settle in for rest in a clean space. I embrace silence and prepare to welcome fresh revelation. I invite you to downloading this resource guide to learn more and learn more about how you can benefit from these simple lighting techniques that honor our original interconnected design.