Brilliant Birth Academy Statement of Privacy
Date of implementation: August 10, 2012

(“Brilliant Birth Academy”) recognizes and values the privacy needs of its users. This Privacy Notice (the “Notice”) explains the kinds of data we gather, how we use it, and the choices you have regarding how we use it.

Concerning Brilliant Birth Academy
Certification courses for digital training are created by Brilliant Birth Academy. Through our digital video on-demand platform website (, the “Site” or “Sites”), students can access the course programs (the “Service” or “Services”). This notice is applicable to paying clients of Brilliant Birth Academy, users of the Brilliant Birth Academy Service, and visitors to the Brilliant Birth Academy website (collectively, “Users”). Before using our services, we recommend you to read this Notice in its entirety to understand our privacy practices.

Details You Provide Us
By using our services and in other ways with your permission, we obtain the following data. We occasionally get information straight from you. For instance, we gather your email address and first name when you subscribe to the Brilliant Birth Academy mailing list. The categories of data that we gather consist of:
• Details about your name and email address associated with your Brilliant Birth Academy account. When you register for free programs, this information is either automatically collected or you give it to us directly. User ID, password, email address, name, and username. When you create an account and sign up for premium services, we automatically get this information, or you give it to us directly.
• Extra information: We may also need your name, email address, phone number, billing and shipping addresses, payment details (including credit card numbers), and other information. When you use the Site to make a purchase or attempt to make a purchase, you voluntarily give us this information.
• Device details: IP address, time zone, operating system, device type, manufacturer, model, and model number; additionally, unique device identifiers like your password and user name are included. When you use our services, we automatically gather this information.
• Usage analytics: kind of browser and information about usage, including frequency, timing, and usage patterns. We occasionally examine data about particular end users, like how much time they spend on the site. In others, we examine data as a whole. We make use of this data to improve our offerings. When you use our services, we automatically gather this information.
Social media posts and user-generated content, including user photographs, other images you share with us, and screenshots and photos shot while using our services, are examples of social media information. When you post in our community area, you immediately provide us this information. In other situations, we automatically gather data about your interactions on social media. For instance, when you decide to take part in social media-sponsored events and services we offer through social media plug-ins on our website, we might get information from social media platforms. In some situations, we might also gather data about your social media accounts—such as your name, user name, or handle—when you interact with Brilliant Birth Academy’s accounts on outside social networking platforms.
See the “Your Choices” section below to find out more about your options for information gathering and to stop data collection.

Details Obtained from Other Sources
• Brilliant Birth Academy marketing partners: When you contribute content to one of our marketing partners via their services, they might receive information about you. For instance, you might be cited in a troubleshooting ticket that someone else has opened. This information will only be used by us in order to deliver our services.
• Other partners – In order to improve our Services and locate new clients, we obtain information from other partners.

How Information Is Used, Shared, and Disclosed
We employ the data we’ve gathered to:
• Interact with you: We might get in touch with you to answer questions, make requests, or send you critical notifications via email. This covers a variety of tasks, such as providing you with updates about our Services and new features and sending you order confirmations and receipts, technical notices, service updates, and administrative messages. For information on controlling your communication preferences, see “Your Choices” below.
• Offer customer support – We use the usage data from Brilliant Birth Academy to address any problems you might have with our services. Employees of Brilliant Birth Academy are not permitted to see the data you import into your account, unless it is required to address difficulties with assistance. Only the information needed to address your support needs is accessible.
• Provide and enhance our services –We utilize your data to provide and assess how you utilize our services, create new goods and services, and enhance usability, functionality, and quality. This involves enhancing our Services with the use of anonymised, aggregated data. For instance, we might use aggregated personal data for customer service or research and development. See the section above under “Information We Receive From You” under “Browser and usage information” for further details. In other situations, we gather geographic data—such as the city, state, nation, and ZIP code—to expedite the processing of orders and the delivery of tangible goods.
• Promote our Services: We make use of the data you provide to promote our services. For instance, we might notify you by email when new features for our products become available. Furthermore, we might utilize pseudonymized personal data gathered from visitors to our website for internal research or other objectives, such as better customizing marketing or website content, as well as operating or improving our service. To target consumers and promote goods and services, for instance, we can employ market segmentation strategies. Please refer to our Cookie Notice for further details about how we collect and utilize your information.
• Store data: hosts our data on servers. We safeguard your data while it is being stored by implementing the proper administrative, technical, and physical safeguards.
We only provide information about you to outside parties in the ways listed below:
• Marketing and advertising – We don’t provide advertisers or other outside parties access to information about you. However, we do provide our marketing partners with information like your name and email address. For instance, we might notify you by email when new features for our products become available. In other instances, when you enroll in a program that might include using their products—like yoga mats or blocks—we might give our marketing partners your name and email address. If this changes, we’ll first get your permission.
• Mergers and acquisitions – We will give you notification before transferring your personal information to the new business if your personal information is transferred to a party unaffiliated with Brilliant Birth Academy as part of a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of our assets. We’ll give notice straight through our services.
Legal Purposes: – We divulge your data when we think it’s: (1) reasonably required to abide by any applicable law, regulation, subpoena, legal process, or enforceable governmental request; (2) required to enforce the Notice’s provisions; (3) necessary to enforce our Terms of Service, including looking into possible violations; or (4) required to protect Brilliant Birth Academy’s rights, property, or users’ safety as required or permitted by law.
• External processing and sub-processors: To assist us in running our business and providing goods and services, we may disclose your information to other parties. These businesses can only use your information insofar as it’s required to deliver these services to you or carry them out on our behalf. To stop fraud, for instance, we might provide our e-commerce partner access to your IP address.

Website for Third-Party or Vendor Type of Service Location
E-Commerce Platform Kajabi in the USA:

Legitimate Basis for Handling (for Users of the EEA)
If you are an individual from the European Economic Area (the “EEA”), we will only collect and use your personal data in accordance with applicable EU legal basis. Your usage of the Services and how you use them will determine the legal basis. This implies that we only gather and utilize your personal information:
• To carry out our end of the bargain with you;
• To run our company, which includes developing and improving our services for the purpose of preventing fraud, enhancing user experience, or serving any other justifiable interest; and/or
• As otherwise permitted by law.
Please see the “Your Rights” section below or get in touch with us at the address provided in the “Contact Us” section if you have any questions concerning the legal basis for processing.

Utilization of Other Tracking Technologies and Cookies
As you use our services, we utilize cookies to gather information about you, including personal information. Cookies enable users to interact with our services more quickly and easily. Please refer to our Cookie Notice for further details.
Targeted advertisements and behavioral ads
At this moment, we don’t offer tailored adverts through our services. On the other hand, our tailored advertisements can appear on other websites because of your past online activity or browsing history. We do not take part in the TrustArc opt-out program, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), or the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI).
Visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s (“NAI”) instructional page at for additional details on the operation of targeted advertising.
You can use the following links to choose not to receive targeted advertising:
– Facebook’s settings page:
The URL for Google is
Additionally, by going to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out site at, you can choose not to use certain of these services.

Your Decisions
We will notify you about our use of personal information when appropriate or as required by law, giving you the option to choose how your information is utilized. By contacting us directly, you have the ability to modify your option at any time or during the information gathering process.
• Geolocation: When you use our Services, we get your geographic location. You can limit our ability to access and obtain your location data by turning off location-sharing on your web browser.
• Marketing emails: You can use the email address provided in the “Contact Us” section below, or you can use the unsubscribe instructions found in these emails, to opt out of receiving marketing communications. We may still send you non-promotional emails, such as those regarding your Brilliant Birth Academy account, even if you choose not to receive marketing emails.
• Account information – By contacting us and asking for the deactivation of your account using the email address provided in the “Contact Us” section below, you can prevent Brilliant Birth Academy from collecting information through your Brilliant Birth Academy account.

Your Choices
Regarding the personal data we collect about you, you have certain rights. Please use the information provided in the “Contact Us” section to get in touch with us if you would want to change your preferences, have your information corrected, get fewer communications from us, or wish to exercise your rights.
In accordance with the legislation, you are entitled to:
• Ask to see the personal data we have on file about you;
• Request that certain personal data be updated, rectified, amended, deleted, or restricted; and
• Make use of your data portability rights.
You can reach us using the information shown in the “Contact Us” section below with any inquiries.
In certain situations, you have the option to object to the processing of your personal information or withdraw any consent you may have previously given us. In such cases, your preferences will be followed going forward.
Before allowing you access to the information, we could take steps to confirm your identity in order to assist safeguard your privacy and uphold security. We reserve the right to reject your request for access, but in the unlikely occasion that we do, we will explain why. In some circumstances, such as when completing your request may reveal information about another person or when you want to have information deleted that we or your administrator are required by law to maintain or have compelling legitimate interests in keeping, your request and options may be restricted. You may be able to file a complaint with a data protection body in the nation where you reside, work, or believe your rights have been violated if you still have unanswered questions.

Children’s Privacy
We do not intentionally collect information from minors under the age of 13, nor are our services intended for those under that age.

How Much Time We Keep Information
The type of information we collect about you determines how long we retain it, as explained below. If it is not possible to delete or anonymize your information (for instance, because it is kept in backup archives), we will safely retain it and keep it separate from any additional usage until deletion is feasible.
• Data about you and your Brilliant Birth Academy account – We save your account data for as long as it’s active and for a fair amount of time beyond that in case you want to use our services again. Additionally, we hold onto some of your information as long as it’s required to meet legal requirements, settle disagreements, uphold agreements, support business operations, and keep developing and enhancing our services. We take efforts to remove information that directly identifies you from any records we keep for the purpose of developing and improving our services. If one of our partners provides you with access to our services, we keep your information for as long as the Partner requires. See the section above under “Information We Receive from Other Sources” for further details.
• Order and transaction information: If you use the Site to place an order, we will keep your Order Information on file for our records unless you request that we remove it.
• Marketing data – If you have consented to receive marketing emails from us, we will keep track of your marketing preferences for a fair amount of time following the last time you showed interest in our services, which may include the last time you accessed an email from us or closed your Brilliant Birth Academy online account. For a fair amount of time after the date the information was created, we keep data obtained from cookies and other tracking technologies.

Security Measures
We employ adequate and reasonable administrative, technological, and physical security measures to defend against misuse, loss, alteration, and destruction of your information. In compliance with industry standards, we also demand that third-party service providers that handle tasks on our behalf or with whom we exchange your information implement suitable security measures. Even with our security precautions, we are unable to provide complete protection in every circumstance. Please use the email address provided in the “Contact Us” section below to get in touch with us if you have any issues concerning the security of our services.

Modifications to this Privacy Statement
This Notice is updated on a regular basis to reflect new features, offerings, and services, as well as how such changes impact how we use your information. We will either directly tell you or notify you through our services if we make any significant changes to this Notice. Every time you use our Services, we encourage you to check this Notice for updates.

Applications, Websites, and Services Provided by Others
You may use or navigate to certain third-party websites, applications, or services from our services; these may have their own user agreements and privacy policies that are different from this Notice. This covers websites run and owned by our partners or customers, for instance. The privacy policies of these third-party apps or services are not under our control.
Furthermore, Brilliant Birth Academy works with other businesses and maintains partnerships with them. For instance, marketing partners may also gather data from Brilliant Birth Academy services, as well as provide analytics and ad-related services. The activities of these and other third parties (apart from service providers working exclusively on behalf of Brilliant Birth Academy) are not covered by Brilliant Birth Academy’s Privacy Notice, and Brilliant Birth Academy has no control over how these parties may gather, utilize, or safeguard your data. Please go to the privacy policy of the third party to learn more about their privacy policies. Prior to usage, we advise you to carefully read the privacy policy and user terms of any third-party service, website, and/or application.