Free Masterclasses In Essential Oil Safety

Essential oils are nonpolar/ lipophilic/non-water soluble and must be diluted in a fully effective emulsifier to avoid serious adverse reactions. This masterclass reviews commonly recommended substances (such as full-fat milk) which are not safe enough for the birth context, as well as our top-recommended dilution substance.

Get comprehensive, evidence-based temperature and salinity guidelines to ensure your client’s soothing water labor experience is as safe as it is relaxing. Learn what oils never to use, how to transition a water labor bath to a safe birth space with our comprehensive safety protocols that explain why commonly-accepted oil safety guidelines are not safe enough for birth.

WaterBirth Safety Masterclass

This comprehensive, evidence-based safety training will enable you to quickly transition an oiled/aromatic labor space to a newborn-safe birth space. Discover the transdermal absorption and inhalation safety strategies that are more easily cleansed and cleared than the traditional application methods along with coaching techniques to guide mothers who often use oils without an awareness of how an oiled labor space can affect the physiological transition of the newborn.

Traditional safety guidelines are not conservative enough in a sensitive birth context; this masterclass comes with a quick reference guide for the effective removal of essential oils from skin surfaces, birthing supplies, and atmospheres.

Transitioning Oil Spaces Masterclass

How To Use Essential Oils As A Birth Pro

At A Fully Professional Level

A Professional Strategies Workshop For Doulas, Nurses, & Midwives: How To Use Essentials Oils Without Hurting Your Client, Your Practice, Or The Industry Reputation 

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I’m only 18 min in and it is blowing my mind! That was absolutely eye opening and I’m quite certain it changed the trajectory of my doula business and my life! When you said: “I want your kids to be able to feel the difference in your home after taking this course”, I started crying. Haha! It’s just so powerful and refreshing to hear someone meet me with the same level of passion. I really want to do this the right way and honor myself and my family during the process. I want to not only help women and families have the absolute BEST birth possible, but I want to help my family live the best life possible. You marry the two ‘wants’ beautifully. -Kendelle P Doula & Placenta Encapsulator

Why Birth Specific Training On Essential Oils?

Free Masterclasses In Essential Oil Safety

Learn the most common ways adverse reactions to oils are caused in birth and what to do if there is an adverse reaction in labor or delivery. Course includes the download resource a ‘cheat-sheet’ of high risk allergenic essential oils. Learn the evidence-based procedures for addressing irritations or allergies to essential oil adverse reactions. Professional guidelines for essential oil first-aid are presented according to the different routes of exposure, plus get printed reference guides for quick reference. You’ll also learn the commonly recommended ‘first-aid’ remedies which studies have surprisingly found to be ineffective. This course also addresses birth-specific considerations such as what to do when you’re in a hospital room without ventilation ability etc.

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The dose is affected by absorption rates of oils in labor, which is a major reason even experienced oil users have reactions in labor. There’s also a wild card category that’s important to know about: levels I & IV Allergic Contact Dermatitis (immediate & delayed hypersensitivity). Even if the dose and absorption are safe, the mother can still have a reaction between her immune system and the oil. You’ll learn what a reaction might look and feel like (it’s signs and symptoms), how long it will most likely manifest for, which types of reactions get better with time and which ones get worse. The different types of reactions also respond to different first aid measures—so all proper first aid training should start here: with the causes, types, and signs of adverse reaction.

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Essential Oil Use In Birth Is Here To Stay 

Access Free Safety Training

Our premier safety trainings are a valuable resource for birthworkers who don’t use oils but require safety training for professional protection and management of client use.

Explore A Unique Certification

Designed to be a bridge between personal study and aromatherapy certification, this unique-to-birth course will certify you in an effective use of a limited range of the best oils for birth.