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Essential Oils Training For Birth Professionals

This unique Aromatherapy Certification course is designed so that you can confidently create powerful aromatic experiences for your clients that are genuinely therapeutic and completely safe. 

Course Distinctives

Upon Successful Course Completion A Certified Aromatherapist  Will:

Gain a thorough understanding of how essential oils work therapeutically, the underlying science that supports their evidence-based application, how to perform clinical intake assessments, develop integrative plans of care during birth, postpartum and early childhood, and use individualized therapeutic blends to integrate aromatherapy in a home birth practice or clinical setting.

The Aromatherapy Certification Will Certify Your Calling & Transform Your Passion Into A Masterful Essential Oil Practice

Aromatherapy is a relationship in which the chemical intelligence of a plant’s constituent molecules interact with the multidimensional human body at a cellular, biochemical, emotional, and spiritual level. 

This course was curated for birth professionals who want to deepen their wisdom in the art and science of plant-based solutions for birth.

Our essential oil training is comprehensive and designed to increase your confidence and mastery. We teach an altered therapeutic range of safe and effective oil use in birth that is both more conservative than traditional recommendations for important safety reasons and more effective in creating outcomes for your clients.

If you have a calling to work with plant based solutions in the childbearing year, this course is for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • View at least 80% of the course training
  • Complete our guided blending at-home practicums
  • Complete the dilution math problem worksheet
  • Formulate oil birth plans according to example in-take forms
  • Submit 10 mini-essential oil profile papers or one topic based thousand word essay 
  • Successfully pass the end certification exam with a minimum score of 80%

This course is presented by a certified aromatherapist; it is science-based and research-focused curriculum sourced by current studies and multiple acclaimed textbooks including:

  • Tissarand and Young’s Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals
  • Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Healthcare by Jane Buckle PhD RN
  • Aromatherapy for Health Professionals by Shirley Price
  • Medical Aromatherapy: Healing with Essential Oils by Kurt Schnaubelt Ph.D.
  • The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt Ph.D.
  • The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood
  • Fragrance and Wellbeing: Plant Aromatics and Their Influence on the Psyche by Jennifer Peace Rhind
  • The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils by E. Joy Bowles
  • See our full recommended source list here.

Our medical sections (on labor progression disorders, newborn physiology, etc) have been sourced with the same standard as the rest of the academy: over 1000 medical journal articles, 250 books on birth, dozens of modern obstetric textbooks, and every single midwifery textbook published in English in the US, Canada, and the UK since the 1950s.

The course is designed as a 20-week course of study with an average of less than five hours of work per week required. There are 50 lectures plus assignments and exams. Most of our students have full schedules with families and jobs. Our intensive timeline will stretch you, but will still be manageable with real-life responsibilities. Our completion rates are higher than industry standard and we value our student’s success– not just their initial payment. We’re here to help you succeed as quickly as possible!

  • Lifetime access to the Aromatherapy Certification online course plus guaranteed access to any future updates.
  • Epic Bonuses including courses like Finishers Formula, Self Care for Birthworkers, Brilliant Branding, legal/contract swipe files, social media assets and more.
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  • Lifetime certification: no yearly fees here. Our continuing ed programs are voluntary, awesome, and free.
  • Clarity Coaching Call Opportunities (a 60 minute coaching call) with your course director or Academy Founder. 

Our Advanced Technology Creates A Transformational Learning Experience Online

Our multimedia classroom experience brings instruction into your home and delivers on your schedule. Sign up for a course preview here

  • Watch condensed video presentations online on your computer or within our exclusive smartphone app.
  • Access illustrated and detailed PDFs resources so you can reference and review what you’ve learned.
  • Listen on the go and fly through the course confident that all important details are waiting  inside the course PDF download section. You’ll get PDFs such as: 
    1. Step-by-step quick reference guides on safety & application strategies
    2. Business worksheets
    3. How to conduct an intake consultation guide. And much more!

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Rachel M
Birth Doula + Plant Based Healer

“I’ve had a lot of clients specifically wanting a doula who uses essential oils, but I knew I couldn’t properly support them. I did some research, but it’s hard to know what to trust; I just didn’t feel confident in the information I was finding on random websites. When I found the Brilliant Birth Academy Essential Oils Birth Consultant course, I was overjoyed! I was so relieved that I found a trustworthy source about properly using essential oils during labor and now I feel very confident when using oils during birth. I’m so thankful I found this course and, because of it, can better support my clients during such an important time!”  

Aromatherapy Certification for Birth
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Our ‘Unique-To-Birth’ Therapeutic Protocols Are Informed By:

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As a Certified Aromatherapist you will:

  • Gain a professional-level training within a scope of practice with clear legal and professional parameters.
  • Distinguish between maternal, fetal, and obstetric oil considerations before implementing a dosing strategy for a pregnant client.
  • Understand the three main reasons adverse reactions happen including the ‘wild card’ issue we obsessively train for at this academy.
  • Learn the physiological mechanics of birth and maternal anatomy that inform oil use plus learn how to align oil use with the natural hormonal progression of labor.
  • How to be articulate and confident explaining the science behind the results of your oils recommendations so that you’re not left stammering by any client ‘why’ questions. BONUS: Use our done-for-you scripts to best communicate the art, science & bioenergetics of essential oil therapy.
  • Learn oil bioavailability timelines and safety guidelines that inform professional dosing strategy (hint: don’t give an anti-nausea oil that takes 20 minutes to be effective after mom starts hurling and for the love of God please stop use peppermint in a labor space!)
  • Understand the physiological transition of the newborn including the most comforting aroma to the newborn (spoiler: it’s amniotic fluid—not an oil!)
  • Receive breastfeeding safety training based on the pharmacokinetics of oils.
  • Develop a dosing strategy for the first forty days postpartum plus long term needs such as gentle weight loss, postpartum depression (and the entire PMAD spectrum), painful menstruation and more.
  • Distinguish relevant timelines of oil introduction and safety considerations for young children.
  • Discover common ‘first hydrosol uses’ for newborns through age three.
  • Learn to make products for early oil use such as a child’s first body oil, natural baby powder, diaper cream, and much more.
  • Learn professional charting of maternal essential oil use so that you can collaborate with primary care-providers that often have varying documentation requirements; this will be vital to your reputation.
  • The exact questions to ask in your client intake form that will ensure you have all the information you need for professional-grade recommendations. 
  • Get our multi-media marketing materials, legal contracts, and other valuable professional assets. 

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