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Do you feel called to serve families through the arc of conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum? We’re thrilled to make our world-class certification courses even more accessible through scholarships.

Brilliant Birth Academy is an intimate container designed to transform people into wise and compassionate companions for mothers who are having empowered, blissful births.

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We offer comprehensive certification programs that empower aspiring birth professionals with the knowledge, skills, and compassion needed to make a real difference in the lives of expectant mothers and families.

Brilliant Birth Academy is an investment in yourself, your family, your community. It’s also in investment in the wellbeing of the next generation; one with significant return.

This scholarship is designed to assist dedicated individuals like you in achieving your dream of becoming a certified birth care professional. By offering financial support, we aim to make our programs accessible to those who are passionate about making a positive impact during the conception to childbirth process.

Apply for our scholarship today as the first step toward becoming a certified professional in the field to make a lasting difference in the world of maternal health!

When it’s time to move from student mode to action mode, we're here for you!

You’ll be building a business for yourself, but never by yourself. Learn our step by step process for mentally and practically preparing to  serve your very first client. Get simple check-lists, confidence-boosting scripts, done-for-you assets, and a proven system to get you launched as a confident professional.

Brilliant Business Courses

Sample Of Included Business Courses

Book Your First Client Roadmap: A Simple System to A Profitable Launch

We’re serious about actually launching your business! You can have an LLC, fancy branding, and owe thousands in ‘start-up costs,’ but you haven’t launched until you’ve been paid. We’re passionate about people not being a ‘doula-in-name-only’.

Learn our step by step process for mentally and practically preparing to close the deal, set pricing, and serve your very first client. Get simple check-lists, confidence-boosting scripts, done-for-you assets, and a proven system to get you launched as a doula.

We’ll teach you how to take your first client, what to charge, and how to turn first practice clients into testimonials that gain full paying clients.

How and why you need at least two incredible offers to start and how to create them! There are seven parts to designing a compelling offer you’ll be proud sell and your ideal clients will be happy to buy. You must include all seven parts because it’s always easier for your ideal client to do …nothing!

These seven psychological triggers integrate to overcome resistance, and help people say yes to something better! Learn how to easily present what you do, so ideal clients easily understand the transformational benefits you create.

Bonus: get our ‘Creating Your Offer’ Checklist’ to design an offer that is ‘must-have’ rather than ‘meh’.


Many birth professionals say their biggest challenge is “getting clients”—but it’s actually a lack of the skills covered in this master class.

In order to serve clients, you have to master the art of helping prospective clients decide to take action to prepare for their best birth in partnership with you.

We’ll show you how to prepare for, set expectations, and run a successful initial conversation that turns a high percentage into clients without pressure or tactics that feel scripted or gross.

A powerful ‘Open the Relationship Conversation’ builds on our Designing Your First Two Foundational Offers Masterclass as you help the other person discover the path that is best for them.

Bonus: our “Specific Question Sequence Map” is designed to ‘open the relationship’ rather than ‘close the deal’ as you give clarity on where the potential client is in their birth planning journey, where they want to be, so you can naturally help them uncover the best pathway for them.

Learn how to anticipate common objections, grab our follow up email copy template, and learn how to respond when a potential client no-shows for their initial interview meeting. 


Learn about four proven road-maps to getting your first clients, and decide which one is right for you!

Learn how to interview people in your ideal demographic, turn practice clients into referrals, effectively network, and identify and on-board referral partners.

Get detailed and proven checklists, done-for-you scripts, and mindset training on how to book you first (or fiftieth) client.

At Brilliant Birth Academy we usually present ‘A Day in The Life Of’ so you can imagine and plan what running your new business will practically look like.

This course is a continuation of principles taught in the ‘Consistently Schedule Clients’ lesson as we build on how to integrate client generating activities into your calendar. In this course we get practical on how to build on this course’s foundation and how to build your marketing content with continuous learning.

We also present our tech and software recommendations for the best systems and tools to create a beautiful and smoother business.


Kind Words From Our Students:

Our Business Training Includes A Proven Facebook Ads Training System

This system will enable you to easily turn your ad spending budget up when you’re seeking more families to serve, and back down once your doula calendar is full. The truth is, Facebook makes it easy to waste money on ads that aren’t properly set up and would never convert. This step-by-step training shows how to set up the system properly so you can finally experience an effective ad spend. Let us guide you through tech installation, common pitfalls to avoid, plus our insider secrets for how to turn your ad spend into perfectly aligned, paying clients for your practice.

The Condensed Facebook Ads Course Includes:

  • Facebook profile and business page creation
  • Create a Facebook business manager account
  • How to create your audience
  • Deep dive into audience/avatar
  • What is a pixel, and how to install it
  • Creating lead generation and conversation ads
  • How to create your audience: custom and lookalike audiences
  • Review and understand your ad results
  • Mind-blowing re-targeting strategies
  • Best practices if your ad and business manager accounts are disabled
  • Do’s and don’ts about copywriting and pictures plus ad rejection solutions

Discover Everything You Need To Become Everything You Want To Be


 This course is designed to honor your story, discover your calling, and transform you into a confident expert.


Welcome to our community of brilliant people; join the movement and discover how fast you can grow  with friends.


Become everything you can be to serve each family with the excellence they deserve. We  teach foundational skills for sustained generosity.


You’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself. We give world-class support to develop world-class coaches.