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Bring Every Baby Into A World That Feels Like Love            

Brilliant Birth Academy trains birth professions to provide exceptional non-medical care during birth & postpartum

We Invest In Transformational Businesses

Discover how to give exceptional, sustainable care to families, while using strategies that bring transformational increase to your family as well.  Our training is intended to bring alignment and acceleration, so you can do work you love while still having a life that you love. Because a good business should be good for everyone.

We Believe Peace On Earth Starts With Birth 

We invest in birth professionals because we think you’re doing some of the most important work on the planet. Our courses draw deeply from advanced neuropsychology which is starting to discover how birth profoundly affects our babies, our bodies, our society, our families, ourselves. Our students learn to masterfully articulate why what they do matters, which means they know how to make a great living changing lives.

We Facilitate Life-Changing Educational Experiences

With Brilliant Birth Academy you’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself. Our business courses are action-based learning experiences. Unlike other institutions that have impractical and time consuming requirements, our curated assignments are designed to systematically build the assets you need to get into business, and start serving your community.

Our Trainings Are Condensed

Our students report that our certification courses take less time than most others—and not because we’re short on details. Our courses have been reduced down to foundational principles presented in a strategic framework, so you can easily and deeply internalize core principles into a developed intuition. It’s actually harder to make something shorter. We went the extra mile in reducing the presentation time of every course so you can get into service sooner.

Our Academy Is Student-Focused

We are the only major training institution with a 30-day refund policy, course previews, no annual ‘re-certification’ fees, and free continuing education. We love resourcing our students with valuable professional downloads, assets, and tools so our certification courses accelerate students into the breakthrough in their lives they’ve been reaching for.

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Our Scholarships

A certification course with Brilliant Birth Academy is an investment in yourself, your family, and your community. We invest in birth professionals by making our certification courses accessible through scholarships. Since 2017 we’ve given away over 500 certification scholarships to disaster relief victims, foster-care graduates, and other demographics. The Every Tribe Every Nation Scholarship is our most recent scholarship focusing on care accessibility.

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We believe birth professionals could change the world in one generation. This generation.

These open-source courses are designed to help you to prosper in business and enjoy life while you do it—because isn’t true wealth the enjoyment of life? Designed for busy birth professionals who just want to focus on their practice but need their business details to be well done.