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A strategy workshop for the people doing some of the most important work on the planet.

The Align Workshop is an invitation to align your life with your deepest values, highest ideals, and ultimate potential and not at the expense of their wellbeing or connection with the people they love.

Introducing the Align Workshop Event with Brilliant Birth Academy.

Cultivate A Breakthrough Mindset

  • Why letting go of a distracted and addicted lifestyle all at once is easier than tackling problems one at a time.
  • Why you need to make your yearly intentions in a ‘peak state’—and how to get into one.
  • How to escape the prison of your grievance stories in order to upgrade your confidence, health, service-level and income.
  • The difference between unhealthy choices and subconscious/impulsive actions. Getting unstuck for both is simple but you have to know what you’re dealing with.

Find Your Why

  • Connect with one of the deepest source of loving, transformational power within you—your why.
  • Learn how ‘your why’ enables loving alignment with transformational power, so you don’t have to use willpower or force to change your life. If you need to use willpower—you’re still internally conflicted. Learn how to use ‘your why’ plus the power of neuroplasticity to shatter unhealthy subconscious patterns and self-imposed boundaries.

A Process & Pathway To Alignment

What’s simple to do is also simple not to do. Learn how to do the healthy simple things long enough—(we’ll show you how) to ignite the miracle of the compound effect.

  • Close the gap between your complex, stressful, disordered life and the extraordinary life you were born to live.
  • The key to transformation isn’t ‘goal achievement,’ it’s habit establishment. Because you are what you do repeatedly. 

Discover YOUR Keystone habit

  • Identify where you’re stifling self-expression and why.
  • How to design a keystone habit to unlock growth.
  • The simplest way to get authentic clarity on what your keystone habit should be. The truth you generate with this practice will shock you.
  • Learn to hear your intuition and what the body is saying.

  • Common knowledge isn’t common practice. We already know the things that make us happy; we just don’t do them. Learn how to align your life with your own deepest source of wisdom.

Design Your Masterpiece Day

If you want to have a great life and a great year, you have to have great days—your year isn’t made up of somedays, it’s made up of today.

  • Regardless of challenging circumstances; today is the best day for total life alignment. Every point on the circle is the optimal point for diving into the center. Stop jumping around the circle trying to get to ‘someday’ and dive in today.
  • Days are expensive. It’s the only resource you never get more of. You can make more money but you can’t buy time. Design your masterpiece day and live it everyday.
  • Except on Sabbath. Learn why Sabbath rest, your ‘off’ recover time is just as important as your time on for sustained peak performance long term; it’s the linchpin to all your peace and wellbeing.

Brilliant Strategies For Alignment

  • Understand hedonic adaptation—why it’s easy to adapt to an awful life, how it easy it can be to adapt to a new brilliantly aligned life, and why neither should be your daily focus. Instead, you must train yourself to focus on the process. Learn this, change everything.
  • Learn how to use mental contrasting and Oettingen’s WOOP system (Wish + Outcome + Obstacle + Plan) to wisely build a foundation in your everyday life that can sustain the cost of going for your dreams.  
  • The productivity’s expert’s universally-agreed upon greatest productivity power tool and how to use it daily. 
  • Plus more mom-proven, science-backed productivity insights to make this year the best year ever.


Seven action-focused modules of brilliant strategies on how to cultivate a breakthrough mindset plus everything you need to know for habit development so you can change habit after habit in your life—because you are what you do repeatedly. You’ll identify the keystone habit that will make the biggest difference in your life, and design your ‘Masterpiece Day’ to ground your dreams into the bedrock of your current reality.

Are you ready to have the best year ever?

Two Options To Align Your Life In The New Year

 Independent Study


  • Access to the seven-module course with one course released per day starting January 1st.
  • Everything you need to get clear, inspired, and started accomplishing what matters most this year.
  • Expect to come away with an action plan and masterpiece day mapped out—so that you’re ready to be brilliant in the New Year!

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The All-In Align Experience


  • 365-day access to the seven-module course.
  • A 30-Day Zero-Hassle Money Back Guarantee
  • Our exclusive Brilliant Insider Discount (40%)! to use on future course purchases.
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Cultivate A Breakthrough Mindset & Become More Than An Overcomer

Find Your Why To Inspire Alignment & Completion 

Learn Proven Processes For Long Term Habit Establishment

Discover Your Keystone Habit To Focus On In 2019

Design A Masterpiece Day
Translate Your Ideals Into Reality

Discover Brilliant Strategies For A Year Of Alignment

Plan for this year to be your best year ever! Because your potential is too brilliant to just let another year pass by.

Within our seven day workshop you’ll experience an incredible depth of science-backed research presented in an uplifting, action-oriented way for maximum transformation and breakthrough.

We’re not going to inundate you with the mountain of research behind why this proven framework works; this course is designed for accessibility and action.

Essential information has been broken down into practical steps so that you can easily walk through the habit building process with your keystone habit, master that, and then do it again and again for a breakthrough year.

Workshop Opens January 1st.


If you have a history of unfinished projects, deep disappointments, incredible overwhelm, AND an unwavering belief in your potential and your ideals, the All In Experience is designed for you.


  • Get longer access to this incredible material for review (365 days of access)
  • Designed for those who need extraordinary levels of breakthrough, the All In Experience is a gentle and challenging program that’s deeply personalized; it’s designed to heal, inspire, and release you into your highest potential.
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The All-In Align Experience


365-day access to the seven-module course.

A 30-Day Zero-Hassle Money Back Guarantee

Our exclusive Brilliant Insider Discount (40%)! to use on future course purchases.

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