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What Do Placenta Encapsulators Do?

Placenta Encapsulators use several methods to turn the hormones, trace elements, stem cells, vitamins, and other placental nutrients into gentle maternal supplements. Placental remedies are part of the abundant provision of nature to support the vital and blissful state of bonding between mother and child; it supports postpartum energy, rejuvenation, and therapeutic rest.

Is Placenta Encapsulation Certification Right For You?

Strategically investing into families at the time of birth is the way we’ve been called to restore our culture. We believe the first bond between mother and child is a connection that can grow to heal and restore every other area of disconnection in our world.

Placenta encapsulation is a meaningful, flexible career where you can serve at the time of birth, without the demands of being an ‘on-call’ birth professional. It’s a great foundation for future expansion into additional service offerings. 

Ashley Houchin is passionate about supporting aspiring encapsulators with detailed information needed  to professionally answer all your client’s ‘why’ questions, the media, social, finance, and business training to have your business thriving from day one, and the communal support you need for sustained sevice. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does The Certification Cost?

Normal course pricing is $497.00 but for a limited time we’re offering a discounted offer– it still comes with our 30-day money back guarantee. Building your birth business with us will be better, faster, and more affordable than doing it alone. We’ve spent thousands on our ‘done-for-you swipe files’ that include valuable assets like professionally composed legal waivers, dozens of marketing material design files, and lots more. We want to support you while you do your best, deepest, creative work to make a business that looks and feels like you—something that makes you proud to talk about.

How Much Time Per Week Will This Program Take?

Around 5 hours per week for between 5-6 weeks. There are 40 hours of courses plus assignments. Most of our students have full schedules with families and jobs. Our intensive timeline will stretch you, but will still be manageable with real-life responsibilities.

More than half of your time will be spent producing work to launch your birth business. No lame book reports here or endless paperwork. The Launch Your Business Module and the Uncover Your Brilliance Modules are practical, project-based assignments and personal challenges that will be interwoven through-out the course. A typical lesson might include a 10-minute video on a business strategy that ends with a curated assignment that will get you systematically building the business assets you need to go live. You’ll be acting immediately on new insights instead of thinking “oh, I remember that presentation on how to process credit card payments for my clients…but none of the specifics…how do I do that” …six months later (while you’re still not making money…). These courses are organized around action, around finishing, around sharing your work and learning from that experience. 

How long will it take you to finish? The fastest anyone’s done it is five weeks. The average length is hard to calculate but it’s about 12 weeks. We care about our course completion rates; that’s because we’re not selling online programs–we are trying welcome every newborn into a world that feels like love. Practically, that means the Academy is designed to accelerate you through certification and into sustainable service.

What Do I Have To Do To Be Certified
  1. Submit proof of a current food handler’s certification and a current blood-borne pathogens certification.
  2. View at least 80% of the course material (which means you view most of the videos, most of the way through).
  3. Submit two ‘Brilliant Book Notes’ on a birth or postpartum book of your choice.
  4. Sit for our 50-question multiple choice examination with a passing score of 70% 
What Deliverables Do I Actually Get With This Program?
  • Lifetime access to the Brilliant Birth Academy Placenta Encapsulation Certification online course.
  • Lifetime Access to the Fertility Health Coach Certification online course. You can permanent access with no limitation dates.  
  • Lifetime Certification: once you earn your cert we’re against required yearly fees. Our continuing ed programs are voluntary, awesome, and free.
  • Epic Bonuses including courses like Finishers Formula, Brilliant Branding, Premium Done-For-You Marketing Materials, legal/contract swipe files, social media assets and more.
  • Membership in the Brilliant Birth Professional Online Communitywhere you’ll connect with others making the same strides as community leaders and business owners.
  • Rapid response times and detailed attention on all your comments and questions so you never feel stuck waiting. 
  • A 40% off Brilliant Insider Coupon Code to use on ALL future course purchases with us. 
  • An Ongoing Relationship with your training institution where we seek to add value and opportunities to you long term.
What Are Your Institutional Standards On Preparation Location & Transport Rules?

Despite other institution’s claims that preparing the placenta in clients’ homes is safer, no variation of blood borne pathogen transmission has been observed between institutions that require a client based preparation site vs other locations with over 30 years of time for that differentiation to emerge.

Placenta Encapsulation is one of many occupations that carries a risk of blood exposure. Tattooists, piercers, health-care workers, first-responders etc have the same risks. None of these other professions require services to only be rendered in the client’s home. The reason no other service-based occupations with a high risk of blood exposure require you to provide your own tools, or require services to be performed in the clients home is because with proper sanitation protocols and safety precautions, it is completely unnecessary. 

Institutional infringements on encapsulator’s preparation preference significantly diminishes their profit margins due to increased costs. Additionally, many clients do not want the placenta prepared in their space and will not choose providers who are bound by their training institution to only offer services in the client’s home.

Brilliant Birth Academy is in alignment with all other service-based occupations with a high risk of blood exposure; none of which require you to provide your own tools for services rendered, and none of which require services to be performed in the clients home. These actions are unnecessary, costly to practitioners, and a frequent infringement on parental preference. The claims that these protocols make placenta encapsulation safer are unfounded. 

We have confidence in our placenta workers and the mothers they serve to come to their own informed decision on a preparation location and do not believe this decision requires institutional interference. We do advise encapsulators to comply with all local laws. 

Will I Have A Mentor?

At Brilliant Birth Academy you’ll have immediate access to both your course director Ashley Houchin and the Academy founder Stephanie Lind. You can connect with us any time in the way you’re most comfortable: by scheduled call, facebook, email, within our course in the community pages, or simply leave a comment or question under the training video and you’ll receive a prompt response. 

When Can I Start?

Now! Simply use the blue sections on this webpage to select your purchase option for a 30 day, money back guaranteed instant access, or if you have questions, please reach out to us at

How Does Your Online Program Compare To An In Person Training?

An in-person training is valuable when the hands on demonstration is important to you. What most encapsulators find is that the preparation process is straight-forward and very similar to familiar cooking skills. Besides, the instructions for prep are already online. What’s more important are the professional tools and trainings on the real-world challenges you’ll face as an encapsulator. For example, what if a hospital didn’t have a placenta release policy in your area or said they will NOT release it to you–do you know your client’s legal rights? What if the child has a rare genetic disorder– can you still encapsulate? If the mother asks if she can consume the placenta and gives you the name of a prescription she’s on– would you know how to look up that information and give her a real answer? How do you handle things emotionally and business-wise when the placenta is unsuitable for consumption? We had so many encapsulators come to us for re-certification after finding their in person training left them inadequately resourced for their professional needs that we created a special pricing re-cert program to meet the gap in needs. 

What’s Common Core All About?

Our Common Core courses are personal and practical. We believe your family is just as important as the ones you’re serving, and that’s why we’ve included lifestyle design strategies.

Our innovative and life-changing courses are built to accelerate you into your own dynamic well-being first, and to carry that to the families you serve. We think it matters, not just what you know, but who you are; so our neuroscience-based emotional skills training will equip you to exude a calm and joyous presence while serving in the sacred birth space.

Birth is high-stakes and showing up with consistent excellence in the face of challenges mastery of multiple skills. The courses will demystify what it takes to really be successful and how to build an exceptional foundation in your everyday life that can sustain the cost of really going for your dreams.

To start with, we’re going to clear the clutter in your workspace, your calendar, and your mindset, and we’re going to journey together toward creating a life and a business that you love. You’ll probably get excited, doubt whether the method will work for you, think it’s the dumbest idea ever, think it’s the best idea ever, think you only want to do the part that fits with your personality, realize you actually need to do the other part that you threw away, and come out at the end totally different and exactly true to who you always were. Best part: the course is long enough for you to develop new habits within a community of people who are also upgrading in a serious way so the results last.

You’ll master the skills you need to serve well during birth, but they’ll also prove invaluable as you tackle dream after dream. For many students becoming a birthworker is a first, powerful step toward a life of higher contribution and success.

“It’s rare to find a course accessible online and yet moves you to create actual change in actionable steps in just the first 10 minutes of listening.

I have never felt so inspired to uncover and work through my goals as I did with these business courses. There were multiple ah-ha movements that completely shifted the way I think about my business and the way I relate to being a birth worker. I am empowered to make changes in my professional and personal life that reflect who I am at the deepest level; this course without a doubt changed the trajectory of my year.”  -Tiffany A. 

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The magic of our program isn’t secret content; it’s the dozen ways we’ve built-in to be with you in the process, and to hold you accountable—to yourself and the vision we uncover together.

You’ll Discover:

The secret to understanding dosage guidelines. This will be vital to your reputation. Plus the exact questions to ask that will ensure you have to get all the information you need for best recommendations.

How to be articulate and confident explaining the science behind the results of your offerings so you can nail those ‘closing the deal’ conversations & feel at peace charging for your valuable service. BONUS Use our done-for-you scripts to best communicate the value of the services you offer.

The single most transformative potential of the medicinally-used placenta. And why no other schools are teaching this simple, specific medicinal application.

The surprisingly easy, mindset shift you need to be completely natural, easy, and free when talk about (and asking for) money.

The number one reason clients ask for a refund and ways to reduce this from happening.

How to help clients feel confident and comfortable within five minutes at your first meeting. We’ll give you advanced training to create excellent rapport.

Plus: Get multi-media marketing materials, done-for you client scripts, legal contracts, and other valuable professional assets.

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