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What to Do If You Have an Essential Oil Adverse Reaction: First Aid Protocols and Numbers to Call

This blog post has evidence-based procedures for addressing irritations or allergies to essential oil adverse reactions and a full resource download guide to essential oil first aid. You’ll also learn the commonly recommended ‘first-aid’ remedies which studies have surprisingly found to be ineffective. If someone is having an essential oils adverse reaction and you believe urgent […]

Children’s Increasing Risk Of Essential Oil Injury

I love the book Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why. It has plenty of stats mixed with powerful stories of survival that give sobering lessons about how our brains respond to fear, risk, and danger. One of the points the author proved is that people who have a lot of experience with something […]

The Two Most Important Things To Know About Essential Oil First Aid

Here’s the two most important things you need to know about essential oils first aid: There are two types of adverse reactions that are possible.  One is proportionate to *improper* oil use.  The other type of reaction is an allergic reaction and can grow completely disproportionate to the oil use. It can be really scary to […]