How To Love Your Work More: An Essay For Birth Pros

Be A Person Who Finishes What You Start & Joyfully Produces More Work That Matters To You

I’d like to share a resource aimed at inspiring you to love your work, finish what you start, and joyfully produce more work that matters to you.

This course has been transforming lives inside Brilliant Birth Academy and I want to share it with all birth pros who want to finish that cert, write that book, serve that first or one thousandth client. I think you’re doing some of the most important work on the planet and that there are people who are waiting for the transformation your work will bring.

I was actually taken aback with the amount of passion I felt when I recorded this, knowing that some people spend too much of their drowning in overwhelm, frustration, and bitterness. That used to be my life experience.

I believe you can close the gap between your ordinary life and the extraordinary life you deserve to live.

You can be a force of creation, not just constantly reactive to the worst things going on in the world.

See what can happen when you use your same brain in a different way!

For many of you who are already fraying at the edges from exhaustion and overwhelm there’s good news. An abundant life is more about what you let go of and not just what you add.

You have to give up your grievance stories, your victim narrative to begin with. Why?

In “The Path of Least Resistance Learning to Become the Creative Force in Your Own Life” Robert Frit writes: “Without making the fundamental choice to be the predominant creative force in your life, no matter what you do to attempt to benefit yourself or enhance your life, you will merely be finding more sophisticated ways of responding to circumstances.”

You can use the tools of neuroplasticity to overwrite negative beliefs and behaviors for massive acceleration out of reactive, distracted, addiction and fearful avoidance, into whole life breakthrough.

Your attention and energy are two of your very most important assets. 

Loving direct them.

In this course you’ll receive a gentle reminder that what you put your attention on drastically sets the course of your life. I encourage you to place your attention on what you have the power to change: on things that are positive and internal rather than negative and external.

This course has new amazing ideas about self signaling and how to upgrade your subconscious with how you act.

Plus discover the number one reason people don’t achieve their goals and the proof that most of the overwhelm in your life is procedural not personal. The frustration is because of how you’re working with your challenges not the challenges themselves.

Remember: your goal is something you get to do. Not something you have to do.

You’re doing some of the most important work on the planet and there are people who are waiting for the transformation that only you can bring.

Access Finisher’s Formula right here.

Access Finisher’s Formula

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