Full Ride Placenta Encapsulation Scholarship Announcement

There are so many regions of the United States where women are not able to receive holistic care during their birth and postpartum.

I’ll never forget the day a student in our founding Encapsulation Certification course told me she would be the first certified professional offering encapsulation on her island in the pacific north-east.

Ashley and I were floored.

I started working on a scholarship program that day.

Every Tribe Every Nation is a scholarship for birth professionals who have an intention to serve in the remote, isolated, or under-served areas of the earth. To date we have given over 600 unique scholarships.

We are invested in making encapsulation more widely accessible, because we believe in its unique potential to support the mother-child bond (which has far more complex needs than our wider culture acknowledges).

The primary determination in the wellness of small children is the wellness of their mothers, and the peaceful and joyful connection they have with each of their parents.

Placental remedies are part of the abundant provision of nature to support and sustain this incredible relationship through infusing a calm, blissful state of energetic focus that can be lovingly directed toward the newborn.

For those of us who want to make the world a little bit more like heaven on earth, there is literally no better strategic investment we could make into the future of humankind than the one we make for mothers and newborns.

This is why the Every Tribe Every Nation scholarship exists.

Every Tribe Every Nation is an expression of our passion to bring every newborn into a world that feels like love.

We are contending for a fundamental shift in how we support all births in one generation. This generation.

If you live in a remote, isolated, or under-served area and have a calling to serve, we want to certify, equip, and send you into service!

Would you share this to help us find those who are willing to serve in remote or underserved regions?

Apply To Scholarship Here

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