The Ultimate Tech Guide for Birth Pro

Don’t you wish sometimes that you could just focus on

Many of us had a calling to birth and jumped in, only to get
slammed with the entrepreneur business details and technology requirements.

I’ve learned to love business and tech (because I refuse to
do things long-term that I don’t love). Seneca
in Letters from a Stoic says: “There is nothing the wise man does reluctantly.”
So now I love coding and automation and graphic design and… everything

I’m also on a mission to encourage as many birth
professionals to learn to love tech and business even if you don’t start with a
natural gifting towards it—because we have to do it either way right!?

Let’s start with some of the most
important basics.

Subscription Tech

An email list is the cornerstone of your business because
when you own your email list you have direct access to the people you’re trying
to serve. Your communication with them is not mediated by the platform—it is

Think for a minute about how important that is.

The download has recommendations
for people who need simple, user friendly options and choices for those who are
ready for next level capabilities and options.


I’m a founder with Kajabi and use
it to host Brilliant Birth Academy. If you want to create on-line courses and
offer paid subscription services in addition to your birth work this is the platform
for you. It’s used by the top online professionals for course hosting and is
the uncontested gold standard. It’s an ‘all-in-one platform’ that enables
you to create and customize a website, have a branded online store, host
beautiful online courses, it’s a complete email system that enables landing
pages, opt-in forms, fully automated marketing campaigns

The Ultimate Tech Guide for Birth Professionals has my top
personal recommendations for beginner and advanced birth pros who just want to
bring every baby into a world that feels like love. As simply and beautifully
as possible of course.

More time to focus on your passion

HoneyBook, your clients get to view your beautiful
proposals, sign & pay effortlessly without ever having to print or mail a thing.
All files are stored in one place so you can access them from anywhere – on
your laptop or smartphone

Keep invoices, contracts and all other important files
organized in one space that’s easily accessible from anywhere, to you and your

Streamline client


No more getting lost in the text-email-chat jungle. Access
and view all communications in one clean place. Farewell to missed inquiries
and messages, hello to happy and up-to-date clients. Clients can review
agreements, sign and pay from one place. And you can effortlessly track it all
in realtime.

Using a platform that can take you from inquiry to final
invoice is ideal. Honeybook for example can enable you to create and send
branded proposals, contracts, and invoices, allow clients to book you with
online sign and pay, get reports that track your monthly income, leads, and
bookings, book appointments and view due dates, manage all client messages in
one place, track your billable hours and get paid with one-click invoicing, and
a lot more. However, with HoneyBook, payments cannot be disabled, and you’ll
pay 3% on all credit card transactions and 1.5% on bank transfer payments; Dubsado
offers payment options directly through Stripe, Square, and
Paypal. HoneyBook also has email issues


The online facet of your birth
business can actually be fun when you’re creating things that are beautiful and
effectively meeting your needs as a birth professional!

I’ve signed up for a tested so many different tools and
platforms to build Brilliant Birth Academy and I want to share my favorite
tech/online tools with you.

It Includes Recommendations For:

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