Don’t you sometimes wish that you could just focus on birth!?

Many of you had a calling to birth and jumped in, only to be overwhelmed with the details of starting a business as an entrepreneur—not to mention all the technology requirements!

I’m on a mission to encourage as many birth professionals to learn to love tech even if you don’t start with a natural gifting towards it—because we have to do it either way right!?

Seneca in Letters from a Stoic says: “There is nothing the wise man does reluctantly.”

The right tools can honestly make such a huge difference, and in this guide I share my best curated solutions to make your business prettier, simpler, and more profitable.

Download This Guide To Discover Top Picks for

  • Online Scheduling

Intelligent online appointment scheduling. There’s an easier way to connect with your prospects and customers. Does scheduling meetings helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth your availability preferences

  • Social Media Management

Grow your social media presence more efficiently.


Plus Our Top Picks For These Categories and More!

  • Stock Imagery Sites
  • Large File Sharing & Downloading
  • Screensharing Tools
  • How to Make Opt-In PDF Covers
  • Teleseminar or Webinar
  • Graphic Creation
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Project Management
  • Domain Names
  • Website Hosting
  • Shopping Carts & Payments

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