Build A Business & Life You Love

Discover full-length open-source courses designed to help you to prosper in business and enjoy life while you do it—because isn’t true wealth the enjoyment of life? 

Bring Every Baby Into A World That Feels Like Love

Let Your Light Shine 

Discover the work you really want to do and  fall in love (for the first time or again!) with your vision, your passion, your work. Then we’ll show you how to communicate that love through everything you do! The Brilliant Branding Series has 20+ actionable courses that will help you develop your business with values, a brand identity system, a position statement, your about me page, as you also learn how to use client testimonials, media, and color effectively. 

Yes I'm Brilliant!

Align your life with your deepest values, highest ideals, and ultimate potential.

Seven action-focused modules of brilliant strategies on how to cultivate a breakthrough mindset plus everything you need to know for habit development so you can change habit after habit in your life—because you are what you do repeatedly. You’ll identify the keystone habit that will make the biggest difference in the new year, and design your ‘Masterpiece Day’ to ground your dreams into the bedrock of your everyday life. This is going to be the best year ever.

I Need An Adjustment

Expand your birth business into an agency.

Discover training, professional guidance, swipe files, and community. You can do it; we can help. Expand your business with a step by step path for how to organize your birth business into a self-sustaining agency that can grow beyond you as a founder!  Access resources you’ll need like key systemization checklists, customized legal contacts, and worksheets to simplify your growth process. Get personalized coaching opportunities and learn from those already running successful agencies. The first launch cycle is free—sign up today.

Start A New Cycle

Bring It Forth

Do you have a dream you’re wanting to birth? This series is like a good midwife of comfort and joy to bring forth the dream and desire of your heart. Labor is starting! If you feel like you’re over-due with a dream, desire, or project, your estimated-due-date is… now. Start the process naturally, and joyfully produce the work that really matters to you. This course is designed for those who already have full beautiful lives as they bring forth a new thing.

My EDD Is... Now

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