Why A Re-Certification Program?

Brilliant Birth Academy launched our PE program because we dreamed of radically and holistically investing into Placenta Encapsulators. Over the last year we began to take students who came to us to re-certify. At first it was a few—but then it was a lot. The more we listened, the more we realized that there are policies in our field that make it difficult to graduate and expensive to stay certified. Here are just a few current practices in our field:

  • Penalized deadlines, after which you cannot be certified.
  • Removal of students from ‘active status’ with charges to ‘re-activate.’
  • Pointless and lengthy paperwork, assignments, and submission requirements. Many students have wondered if these were just intentional barricades used as income generators when course completion was delayed then penalized.
  • Arbitrary pass/fail standards for written final exams and fees ($250.00<) for test re-taking. Hidden yearly re-certification fee agreements that come with lots of bullet points and no perceivable value.
  • No course previews and no refunds.

We believe placental remedies are part of the abundant provision of nature to supration of that first connection within families can grow to bring joy and peace to all other areas of disconnection in our world. That’s why our Academy is designed to get our students through certification and into service; we share our student’s common goal of supporting their family and the families in their communities. It’s literally why we exist.

The Brilliant Birth Academy Re-Certification Offer Includes

Re-certification Requirements

To qualify for the re-enrollment pricing option, you must:

  1. Submit a review of your previous training institution and upload photographic proof of previous PAID enrollment.
  2. Once in the program, all business-building projects, the duel book reports, and any discovery/ branding assignments are not required for re-certifying students.
  3. Submit proof of a current food handler’s certification and a current blood-borne pathogens certification.
  4. View at least 80% of the course material (which means you view most of the videos, most of the way through).
  5. Sit for our 50-question multiple choice examination with a passing score of 70% and unlimited free attempts. 

We Love To Invest In Students At Brilliant Birth Academy

I am so excited about these courses, I’m only 18 min in and it is blowing my mind! They are absolutely eye opening and I’m quite certain it changed the trajectory of my doula business and my life!

When you said the bit about, “I want your kids to be able to feel the difference in your home after taking this course”, I started crying. Ha! It’s just so powerful and refreshing to hear someone meet me with the same level of passion. I really want to do this the right way and honor myself and my family during the process. I want to not only help women and families have the absolute BEST birth possible, but I want to help my family live the best life possible. You marry the two ‘wants’ beautifully.  -Kendelle P Doula & Placenta Encapsulator

Need Business ACCELERATOR tools? We’re Here for You.Our altered re-certification requirements mean you have access to but no obligations in our project-based business learning experiences. Use our  curated assignments that systematically improve or further develop critical business assets. If your current business isn’t quite converting into the number of people you’d like to be serving, join us! With Brilliant Birth Academy you’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

“I listened to Finisher’s Formula and the ‘Finding Your Why’ courses. Wow. This mindset. This right here. It’s so important and SO needed.

I want to share these truths with Every. Single. Person. who stops me at the grocery store to tell me I’m “a supermom.” I’m a homeschooling mom of 8. My youngest child is 15 months old. Can I share this course with everyone I know??

Thank you for pouring yourself into this academy; I’ve been looking for it for the last 15 years! I’m so, so grateful to have found Brilliant Birth Academy. You are changing lives!!”

-D. Kenagy 

Discover Everything You Need To Become Everything You Want To Be


Transform into an articulate, successful, industry leader. Our course has been re-imagined from the ground up to honor your deepest callings and establish you into an expert in placental encapsuation.


Does your business need a re-fresh? Re-imagine what’s possible within a real community of brilliant people who are on the same trajectory of growth as you are. Join the movement and discover how easy it is to up-level when you’re with friends.


Discover the thrill of committing to a life that requires you to be your most dynamic self. Become everything you can be to serve each birthing family with the excellence they deserve. We’ll teach you how to do that, and not at the expense of your wellbeing, family, or health. 


You’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself. We actually care about your personal flourishing and the wellbeing of your business and family. Get the guidance you need to really, finally thrive– however you define that.

Access Is Designed To Upgrade All Your Birth Pro Offerings Discover: 

  • How to be articulate and confident explaining the science behind the results of your offerings so you can nail those ‘closing the deal’ conversations & feel at peace charging for your valuable service. Bonus: Use our done-for-you scripts to best communicate the value of the services you offer.
  • The surprisingly easy, mindset shift you need to be completely natural, easy, and free when talk about (and asking for) money.
  • The number one reason clients ask for a refund and ways to reduce this from happening.
  • How to help clients feel confident and comfortable within five minutes at your first meeting. We’ll give you advanced training to create excellent rapport.
  • Plus: Get multi-media marketing materials, done-for you client scripts, legal contracts, and other valuable professional assets to accelerate your birth business.
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Ashley Houchin Course Director


Frequently Asked Questions

Around 5 hours per week for between 6-8 weeks. There are 40 hours of courses with no required assignments for re-cert students. Most of our students have full schedules with families and jobs. Our intensive timeline will stretch you, but will still be manageable with real-life responsibilities.

In Uncover Your Brilliance Module, we get personal and practical. We believe your family is just as important as the ones you’re serving, and that’s why we’ve included lifestyle design strategies.Our innovative and life-changing courses are built to accelerate you into your own dynamic well-being first, and to carry that to the families you serve. We think it matters, not just what you know, but who you are; so our neuroscience-based emotional skills training will equip you to exude a calm and joyous presence while serving in the sacred birth space.Birth is high-stakes and showing up with consistent excellence in the face of challenges mastery of multiple skills. The courses will demystify what it takes to really be successful and how to build an exceptional foundation in your everyday life that can sustain the cost of really going for your dreams.To start with, we’re going to clear the clutter in your workspace, your calendar, and your mindset, and we’re going to journey together toward creating a life and a business that you love. You’ll probably get excited, doubt whether the method will work for you, think it’s the dumbest idea ever, think it’s the best idea ever, think you only want to do the part that fits with your personality, realize you actually need to do the other part that you threw away, and come out at the end totally different and exactly true to who you always were. Best part: the course is long enough for you to develop new habits within a community of people who are also upgrading in a serious way so the results last.You’ll master the skills you need to serve well during birth, but they’ll also prove invaluable as you tackle dream after dream. For many students becoming a birth pro is a first, powerful step toward a life of higher contribution and success.

Both. You can view the video lectures any time, and even refer back to them with your life-time access pass. The material comes in PDF and video format you can access across all devices. The “Become An Expert Module” is a do-at-your-own-pace format, but you can leave questions in the comments section to get an answer right away, or save them for the live Q&A sessions. Some of our courses  involve personal challenges that students have a riot sharing about in our Facebook group hang out—but sharing is optional and feedback is only for fun. Just so you know, we had a clear the clutter course based on Marie Kondo’s work BEFORE she blew up. =)