Brilliant Birth Academy's Manifesto

We believe peace on earth starts with birth

Our courses draw from neuroscience, physics, medicine, anthropology, and positive psychology which are all just starting to discover how and why birth so profoundly affects our babies, our bodies, our society, our families, ourselves. Our graduates are experts in understanding why what they do matters, and how to communicate that to their clients in compelling ways which means they know how to make a great living changing lives.

We believe being a birth-worker is a profession–not a philosophy.

We believe each birth journey is like a multifaceted diamond; just as white light through a diamond manifests a unique rainbow, the personal needs of the mother and unborn child have a spectrum of care needs that could include: medical, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, philosophical, and experiential. Our graduates may emphasize different parts of this spectrum in their practice but agree to honor all of it– the medical realities to the experiential.

We believe in serving families while maintaining personal thriving

Working mothers have unique challenges; we believe the economy should have space for women to come as mothers—and not just as functional males. Our graduates are contending for an entrepreneurial shift that insists on doing work that they love, in love, while still having a life that they love. Our advanced business training is informed by, and competitive with the most influential business trainings available. Our graduates are fully equipped to launch a lucrative birth business— and many go on to become successful serial entrepreneurs.

We believe it matters—not just what birthworkers know, but who they are.

We believe that it matters—not just what our graduates know, but who they are, so our curriculum is written to engage the heart as well as the mind. Our neuroscience-based emotional skills training explains how to cultivate atmospheres of wellness, cultures of honor, and equips students to exude a calm and joyous presence while serving in the sacred birth space. Our graduates seamlessly integrate their passions, values, and birth-philosophies into thriving careers.

We believe birth-work can be a brilliant form of social justice.

We believe a great way to address demographic clusters of infant mortality and birth trauma is to train birthworkers from those communities to be their own naturally brilliant solutions. That’s why in 2018 we’re launching case-managed scholarships celebrating women coming out difficult situations such as foster care and prison terms. (We also think providing employable skills is a brilliant expression of social justice). Our Every Tribe Every Nation certification scholarship is a part of our Academy’s vision to reach under-served mothers until every baby is born into a world that feels like love.

We believe in empowering graduates to alleviate human suffering

We believe a mother’s womb should literally be the safest place on earth for human life. We believe the second safest place on earth should every child’s own home. And yet every day thousands of women and newborns die from preventable causes. That’s why we’re building out and highly subsidizing an international ventures department that will send our best graduates to bring professional birth and postpartum services to international mothers in extreme poverty. Our hope is that our short term international trips will inspire long term passion, advocacy, and service.

We prioritize life, informed consent (liberty), and the pursuit of wellbeing

We believe in honoring the natural progression of labor and birth, but also believe it is good and necessary to intervene with that natural process when it will culminate in the loss of life or wellbeing. We affirm a shared responsibility by the human family to guard the lives and wellbeing of children as they are welcomed into our human experience. We teach a priority of life, informed consent (liberty), and the pursuit of wellbeing; but also celebrate a variance of opinion among our instructors and students.

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