Being a birth worker is a profession—not an ideology stance. We engage  with competitive ideas that are philosophically complex enough to guide the strategic institutions that shape our society’s handling of birth: government, the economy, law, media, education, the medical establishment, and the arts and seek to empower graduates to join current conversations with intelligence and graciousness.

 Birthed out of a passion to see every baby born into a world that feels like love, Brilliant Birth Academy exists to support the people doing some of the most important work on the planet.

Discover A Life-Changing Education Experience

Training Is Career-Focused

With Brilliant Birth Academy you’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself. Our business training modules are action-based learning experiences with curated assignments that systematically build the business assets you need to go live. You’ll build amazing relationships as we dream, brainstorm, flesh-out, simplify, and execute on your business.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve finished an alternative training. You open up your browser and what do you type in the search box? What do you have to think of, to know, to create, to finish, in order to take that first payment and serve that first client? Our Academy doesn’t stop with selling certifications; our goal is to unleash Brilliant Birthworkers who have epic, complete businesses they’re proud of. It’s no secret that many of our students choose our academy because of the business courses and many more go on to become successful serial entrepreneurs.

“It’s rare to find a course that is so easily accessible online and yet moves you to create actual change in actionable steps in just the first 10 minutes of listening.

I have never felt so inspired to uncover and work through my goals as I did with these business courses. There were multiple ah-ha movements that completely shifted the way I think about my business and the way I relate to being a birth worker. I am empowered to make changes in my professional and personal life that reflect who I am at the deepest level; this course without a doubt changed the trajectory of my year.” 

-Tiffany A. Student of Midwifery, Herbology, & Life

Do Work That You Love While Still Having A Life That You Love

Lifestyle Design Course Are Included

We believe your family is just as important as the ones you’re serving, and that’s why we include lifestyle design strategies. Our innovative courses will accelerate you into your own dynamic well-being first, so you can carry a spirit of abundance, joy, and peace into sacred birth spaces.

We demystify how to build a foundation in your everyday life that can sustain the cost of really going for your dreams—even if those involve being ‘on-call’. For many students, joining the academy is a quantum leap toward a life of higher contribution and success.