Essential Oils Safety Workshop

A Free Online Training Intensive For Doulas and Midwives

This workshop will enable you to recognize unsafe essential oil use in common birth practices including a comprehensive oils use safety training for water birth. You’ll learn how to articulate safety ranges for diffusion and inhalation with a user who is engaging in unsafe use. Receive training on how to identify a maternal-cased adverse reaction and be equipped with procedures for addressing irritations or allergies.

Join Us For A Free Online Workshop For Doulas & MIdwives

This three-part training concludes with an assessment and certification opportunity available for those who want to display their commitment to safe use of oils in birth.

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By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify common risk factors with oils in the birth space
  • Recognize unsafe essential oil uses in common birth circumstances
  • Understand comprehensive essential oil safety for water birth
  • Articulate safety ranges for diffusion and inhalation to a user who is engaging in unsafe use
  • Understand and identify maternal-cased adverse reactions
  • Have procedures for addressing irritations or allergies

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Why The Birth Community Needs This Resource

“I can now afford the educational resources I’ve always dreamed of in my homeschooling. Like I can literally, actually buy the resources I used to just look at online and dream about. My teen girls help with my business; my oldest is thinking about adding doula certification to her school work and the other wants to be a nurse. They come on many of my postpartum visits and we serve families together. I love that my kids see me being the hands and feet of Jesus.”

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Protect Yourself & Your Clients With Evidence-Based Researched Focused Oils Safety Resources

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