Become A Birth Doula

 Doulas offer education and guidance in preparation for childbirth, and they also provide continuous non-medical support during labor, serving as experienced and supportive companions who help families attain a positive and empowering birth experiences.

Create calm and reassuring birthing atmospheres


Educate on childbirth options + empower client choice 


Develop coaching skills to guide clients effectively


Learn business & marketing skills to set up your practice


Discover an Integrated and Systematic Approach to Creating a Successful Birth Doula Practice

The Birth Doula Scope Of Practice

Your doula has a manageable scope of boundaries, a unique sphere of influence, and a clear range of support that is not the same as that of a medical care provider. So take a deep breath and realize you don’t need to know everything; your doula practice simply supports family systems toward holistic health at the time of birth. 

Pillars Of Competency

  • Birth Plan Creation: learn to expertly guide parents in creating a comprehensive birth plan, covering preferences on pain management, labor positions, and medical interventions.
  • Childbirth Education: support parent’s journey with childbirth education, explaining the stages of labor, coping strategies, and what to expect.
  • Informed Decision-Making: learn how to assist parents in making informed decisions about medical interventions by providing evidence-based information.

The anatomy and physiology of the pelvis are explained, including the most important obstetrical features relevant to birth. Concepts and techniques are described to condition the mother’s body and strengthen her body for birth.

  • Pelvic, Perineal and Cervical Anatomy, Examination, and Massage
  • Pelvic and Postural Preparation for Birth
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Fetal Positions, + Malpresentation
  • Gentle Intrauterine Repositioning

  • Psychosomatic, Emotional, and Spiritual Dimensions of Birth 
  • The Hormonal Progression of Labor
  • Oxytocin, Endorphins, Prolactin, and Adrenaline: What They Do and Why They Matter 
  • The Effects of Emotional Distress on Labor and Birth
  • Factors That Hinder Labor’s Hormonal Progression
  • Arranging for Psycho-Emotional Care During Birth
  • Birth Challenges for Sexual Abuse Survivors


  • Six Indications Labor Has Begun
  • Membrane Release and Infection Prevention
  • Understanding Cervical Examination
  • Fetal Engagement and Prolonged Early Labor
  • Cervical and Soft Tissue Disorders
  • Vertical Alignment of the Maternal and Fetal Spine
  • Altering the Pelvis With Positions and Movement
  • Understanding How Positions Effect Labor: Supine and Semi-Sitting Positions, Upright Positions, Sitting Positions, Squatting Positions, Hands-and-Knees Positions, Lateral or Side-Lying Positions, and Asymmetrical Positions
  • The Abdominal Lift Technique
  • Addressing An Anterior Cervical Lip


  • Normal and Arrested Labor Between the First and Second Stages
  • Remedies for Fatigue During Transition
  • Descent: the Baby’s Postural Adjustments Through the Pelvis
  • Three Pressure Techniques for Descent
  • The Fetal Ejection Reflex and the Urge to Push
  • Early Pushing Urge, Self-Directed Pushing, Not Pushing
  • Rest Breathing Technique
  • Anterior Cervical Lip and Swollen Cervix


Discover a proven framework for investigating fertility issue and learn how to guide couples in lifestyle choices while equipping them with the tools they need to lay a foundation for healthy fertility.


Pillars Of Competency

  • Risk Factors for Emotional Distress in Labor
  • Accurately Communicating About Pain in Labor
  • The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System’s Effect on the Birth
  • Identifying Physical Signs of Emotional Distress
  • Three Causes of Pain in Labor: Uterine Hypoxia, Antagonistic Muscle Fatigue, and Restrictive Tension in the Pelvic Floor
  • Ritual, Rhythm, and Relaxation Principles
  • Pain-Eliminating Techniques: Movement, Sounds, Tactile Relief, Beginning Routines, Massage, Breath
  • Progressive Relaxation Techniques
  • Visualization/Declarations
  • Substance Use in Labor

  • Understanding The Active Management Mindset And Processes
  • Signs and Symptoms Of A Developing Complication
  • How Mother, Baby, And Labor Progression are Monitored
  • Emergency Symptoms Checklist
  • Common Obstetric Emergencies: High Resting Uterine Tone, Uncoordinated Uterine Contractions, Cord Prolapse, Meconium, Placenta Abruption, Uterine Rupture and More
  • Transfer To Care Management 
  • Developing a Four-Part Transport Plan
  • Intrapartum Conditions that Indicate Potential Need to Transfer

  • Unobstructed, Natural Delivery
  • Managed Delivery + Advocacy
  • Welcoming The Newborn
  • Umbilical Cord Severance
  • Understanding the Process of Neonatal Resuscitation
  • Breech Birth Basics
  • Twin Delivery Mechanics

  • A Normally Progressing Third Stage
  • Four Positive Signs of Placental Separation
  • Retained Placenta, Placenta Accreta, Increta & Percreta
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage and Estimating Blood Loss
  • Indications for Postpartum Transfer

  • Proper Positioning + Attachment
  • Healthy Breastfeeding Frequency + Patterns
  • Normal Weight Gain
  • Common Breastfeeding Problems + Solutions
  • Breast Expression + Pumping
  • Universal Postpartum Needs
  • Postpartum Nourishment
  • The Three Postpartum Healing Phases
  • Four Domains of Healing During Postpartum
  • The Six-Week Check-Up
  • Newborn Feeding + and Elimination
  • Common Screenings + Conditions of Newborns
  • Examination + Care of Birth Injuries
  • Care of The Newborn’s Cord
  • Neonatal Skincare + Care for the Jaundiced Baby
  • Infant Weight Gain/Low Weight Care
  • Thermal Care + Kangaroo Mother Care
  • Infection in the Newborn Period
  • Normal and Abnormal Breathing Patterns in Newborns
  • Neonatal Respiratory Problems

Discover a proven framework for investigating fertility issue and learn how to guide couples in lifestyle choices while equipping them with the tools they need to lay a foundation for healthy fertility.


Kind Words From Our Students:

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When it’s time to move from student mode to action mode, we're here for you!

You’ll be building a business for yourself, but never by yourself. Learn our step by step process for mentally and practically preparing to  serve your very first client. Get simple check-lists, confidence-boosting scripts, done-for-you assets, and a proven system to get you launched as a confident doula. 

Brilliant Business Courses

Sample Of Included Business Courses

Book Your First Client Roadmap: A Simple System to A Profitable Launch

We’re serious about actually launching your business! You can have an LLC, fancy branding, and owe thousands in ‘start-up costs,’ but you haven’t launched until you’ve been paid for being a doula. We’re passionate about people not being a ‘doula-in-name-only’.

Learn our step by step process for mentally and practically preparing to close the deal, set pricing, and serve your very first client. Get simple check-lists, confidence-boosting scripts, done-for-you assets, and a proven system to get you launched as a doula.

We’ll teach you how to take your first client, what to charge, and how to turn first practice clients into testimonials that gain full paying clients.

How and why you need at least two incredible offers to start as a birth doula and how to create them! There are seven parts to designing a compelling offer you’ll be proud sell and your ideal clients will be happy to buy. You must include all seven parts because it’s always easier for your ideal client to do …nothing!

These seven psychological triggers integrate to overcome resistance, and help people say yes to something better! Learn how to easily present what you do, so ideal clients easily understand the transformational benefits you create.

Bonus: get our ‘Creating Your Offer’ Checklist’ to design an offer that is ‘must-have’ rather than ‘meh’.


Many birth professionals say their biggest challenge is “getting clients”—but it’s actually a lack of the skills covered in this master class.

In order to serve clients, you have to master the art of helping prospective clients decide to take action to prepare for their best birth in partnership with you.

We’ll show you how to prepare for, set expectations, and run a successful initial conversation that turns a high percentage into clients without pressure or tactics that feel scripted or gross.

A powerful ‘Open the Relationship Conversation’ builds on our Designing Your First Two Foundational Offers Masterclass as you help the other person discover the path that is best for them.

Bonus: our “Specific Question Sequence Map” is designed to ‘open the relationship’ rather than ‘close the deal’ as you give clarity on where the potential client is in their birth planning journey, where they want to be, so you can naturally help them uncover the best pathway for them.

Learn how to anticipate common objections, grab our follow up email copy template, and learn how to respond when a potential client no-shows for their initial interview meeting. 


Learn about four proven road-maps to getting your first clients, and decide which one is right for you!

Learn how to interview people in your ideal demographic, turn practice clients into referrals, effectively network, and identify and on-board referral partners.

Get detailed and proven checklists, done-for-you scripts, and mindset training on how to book you first (or fiftieth) client.

At Brilliant Birth Academy we usually present ‘A Day in The Life Of’ so you can imagine and plan what running your new business will practically look like.

This course is a continuation of principles taught in the ‘Consistently Schedule Clients’ lesson as we build on how to integrate client generating activities into your calendar. In this course we get practical on how to build on this course’s foundation and how to build your marketing content with continuous learning.

We also present our tech and software recommendations for the best systems and tools to create a beautiful and smoother business.


Kind Words From Our Students:

Our Birth Doula Business Training Includes A Proven Facebook Ads Training System

This system will enable you to easily turn your ad spending budget up when you’re seeking more families to serve, and back down once your doula calendar is full. The truth is, Facebook makes it easy to waste money on ads that aren’t properly set up and would never convert. This step-by-step training shows how to set up the system properly so you can finally experience an effective ad spend. Let us guide you through tech installation, common pitfalls to avoid, plus our insider secrets for how to turn your ad spend into perfectly aligned, paying clients for your doula birth practice.

The Condensed Facebook Ads Course for Doulas Includes:

  • Facebook profile and business page creation
  • Create a Facebook business manager account
  • How to create your audience
  • Deep dive into audience/avatar
  • What is a pixel, and how to install it
  • Creating lead generation and conversation ads
  • How to create your audience: custom and lookalike audiences
  • Review and understand your ad results
  • Mind-blowing re-targeting strategies
  • Best practices if your ad and business manager accounts are disabled
  • Do’s and don’ts about copywriting and pictures plus ad rejection solutions

FAQ + Certification Details

Assignments are designed to build your birth business. We don’t believe in making you write essay papers no one will ever read, or complete pointless and complicated paperwork requirements. We only assign practical, project-based assignments and personal challenges designed get you systematically building the business assets you need to build confidence and take your first client.

Some worksheets, ‘self-work challenges’ and educational projects are optional; required assignments simply include guided writing of client assets you’ll need and use in your business. This process will help you clarify your business’ ‘niche’ choice, and develop your expertise.

This course is organized around action, around finishing, around sharing your work and learning from that experience. 


In order to certify as a Birth Doula with Brilliant Birth Academy you’ll need to complete:

  1. Course Video Completion Requirements: Our system must indicate you’ve watched 80% of the course material videos (basically, this equals you viewing most of the videos, most of the way through). Our Academy has an app so you can conveniently watch on the go; your phone app and desktop will synch progress automatically so you never lose your spot.
  2. Homework: Submit five ‘Birth Topic Handouts’ of your choice; you’ll use this work to clarify your business’ ‘niche’ choice, and develop your expertise. All action you’ll be taking as part of the program is working on your business with relevant assets you’ll be able to use. Other worksheets and educational projects are optional.
  3. Final Exam: Take our 50-question multiple choice examination with a passing score of 70%– these questions will be similar to unit end quizzes.
    1. Unit end quizzes are a tool for your personal knowledge assessment to ensure you have clarity on which concepts we find most important. These serve to prepare you for the final exam; they are not graded.


With a 5 hours per week investment you should be able to start seeing clients in three months. There are 50 hours of content plus reading time and assignments.

Most of our students have full schedules with families and jobs. Our intensive timeline will stretch you, but will still be manageable with real-life responsibilities. Most of the women behind the scenes at the academy have babies, and an *average of 5 kids. Jim Rohn said: “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” Every course comes with courses on how to make time in your schedule for your new course because we care about our course completion rates.

We’re not in the business of selling online programs–we are trying welcome every newborn into a world that feels like love. Practically, that means the Academy is designed to accelerate you through certification and into sustainable service.

  • Lifetime Access to the Fertility Health Coach Certification online course. You can permanent access with no limitation dates.  
  • Lifetime Certification: once you earn your cert we’re against required yearly fees. Our continuing ed programs are voluntary, awesome, and free.
  • Epic Bonuses including courses like Finishers Formula, Brilliant Branding
  • Premium Done-For-You Swipes: Marketing Materials, legal/contract swipe files, social media assets and more.
  • Membership in the Brilliant Birth Professional Online Communitywhere you’ll connect with others making the same strides as community leaders and business owners.
  • An Ongoing Relationship with your training institution where we seek to add value and opportunities to you long term.


Now! Simply select your purchase options for instant access. If you have questions, please connect with us at admissions@brilliantbirthacademy.com or schedule a call with us here. Please see the preview and catalog before purchase.

Our Advanced Technology Creates A Transformational Learning Experience Online

Our multimedia classroom experience brings instruction into your home and delivers on your schedule. Sign up for a course preview here

  • Watch condensed video presentations online on your computer or in our smartphone app.
  • Access PDF resources and instructor slides so you can reference and review details.
  • Listen on the go and fly through the course confident that all important details are waiting inside the course PDF download section.

A full, no-hassle refund is granted within 30 days of purchase if no more than 20% of the course finished to protect our process and systems. 

Discover Everything You Need To Become Everything You Want To Be


 This course is designed to honor your story, discover your calling, and transform you into a confident expert.


Welcome to our community of brilliant people; join the movement and discover how fast you can grow  with friends.


Become everything you can be to serve each family with the excellence they deserve. We  teach foundational skills for sustained generosity.


You’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself. We give world-class support to develop world-class coaches.