Discover The Full Value Of The Placenta

Over the last two decades, the placental encapsulation community has made exceptional progress toward educating families about utilizing the placenta as a postpartum support. However most placentas born today are not used for maternal consumption. They are used for regenerative medicine.

Over 90% of placentas in America are sold to corporations that make medicinal products from the stem cells or else they are donated to tissue banks like ‘Be The Match’. These companies don’t want placentas because of the iron, vitamins, or minerals—these are properties that can be found bottled at any corner pharmacy. What’s truly valuable in the placenta are the growth factors and stem cells.

What kind of results are special needs children consistently seeing with the Brilliant Birth Academy method of using placental stem cells?

Meet Dax
Extrapyramidal athetosis, dystonia, spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy (GMFCS level V)

Before we gave Dax the placental stem cells he was in constant danger of suffocating to death. Night-time video surveillance and constant daily treatments consumed our lives. When we decided to use placental stem cells, we had to get past the gross factor. We were skeptical. But we decided to do it. Dax was given raw placenta through his G-tube  and woke up the morning after with no choking—not one cough or gag at all. After getting him up we realized he was so clear that he didn’t need his percussion vest. This was the first morning he didn’t need his daily treatment in nine months. He also didn’t need his nebulizer or suction. We could not believe it!
It has been almost four months since the placenta stem cells and he has only needed two percussion therapies and three nebulizer treatments since.
We didn’t tell his therapists so we would see their genuine reactions to confirm his progress. Dax’s PT and OT at the hospital said he had better trunk control and his muscles were more relaxed. PT, OT, and Speech at his school all independently asked what caused his improvements. His daily help nurse said, “It’s nothing short of a miracle.”
The impact it’s made in our family is less fear. Dax’s siblings feared his life-threatening choking episodes. Now we all feel more relaxed. My husband and I can sleep most nights without running multiple times to his room to literally save his life. Dax is happier and able to play with his siblings with his better motor control. There are more smiles from everyone!

Meet Penny
Rett Syndrome


Penny was three when the doctor diagnosed her with a genetic mutation we had never heard of. “Rett Syndrome.” The following two weeks I did nothing but research and found out why the doctor had been so sorry for us. I was terrified.

Then I found and since I was already pregnant he said, “Well I guess we’re trying the placenta thing huh?” Thank God we did! Since then she’s regained skills she lost and has even learned new ones “she would never do,” such as turning the door knob to get out of her room every morning.

Her long-term neurologist had to do a double take after the placental stem cells—the doctor actually left the room to get the patient chart because she could not believe she was looking at the same little girl. Penny was alert and interacting instead of slumped over from fatigue and low motor ability. “What did you do with this child!?” the neurologist had to know. I was hesitant to tell her, “Oh, you know we’ve been doing a lot of horse-back riding therapy” I began… “No”—the doctor interrupted while excitedly testing her reflexes and motor skills “This is not horse-back riding therapy. All my patients do horse-back riding therapy.”

I told her about the placenta, and now the neurologist is tracking her progress along with us. Since her placenta stem cell therapy I have renewed hope in her future and know she will do everything I want for her, she just has to take a different route to get there.

Join The Regenerative Movement As An Encapsulator

Placenta Encapsulators are currently the only placenta workers who don’t work with the stem cells. We’re on a mission to join our encapsulation community with the rest of the modern world that has been exploring the regenerative potential of the placenta for decades. Learn what’s possible with live cellular medicine and how you can easily incorporate this offering into your practice. 

Placental Consulting Is A Simple Add On Service To Placenta Encapsulator's Current Offerings

Learn How It Works

75% Of PSCC’s Services Are Identical To Placenta Encapsulator Services

A Placental Stem Cell Consultant advises on placenta safe-handling and provides professional examination to ensure the placenta is safe for consumption. The best way to think of stem cell consulting is as a simple add-on–  similar to a placenta print or tincture. It’s just another option for how to prepare the placenta that is used alongside other preparation choices. The main distinction is that this service offering is changing children’s lives instead of the nursery decor.

A PSCC’s Service Can Double The Average Encapsulator’s Revenue

The most significant way this service add-on differs from a tincture, salve, or print option is that it is priced separately. Though this offering is priced at a fraction of the cost of other stem cell programs that are seeing the same results, the profit potential is still significant. Currently PSCC charge as low as $397.00 but we’ve yet to hit an ‘upper limit’.

A PSCC Add-On Is Within The Scope Of Practice For Most Encapsulators

The only additional service a Placenta Stem Cell Consultant provides is evidence-based information and professional guidance for parental administration of the placenta. A consultant does not transport the placenta, prepare it in their home, retain health records, diagnose conditions, make guarantees of the effectiveness of the therapy, or administer the placenta.


It’s time for Placenta Encapsulators to join the modern medical field of regenerative medicine. Learn what’s possible with stem cells and how to easily incorporate this offering into your current practice.

'Go Pro' As A Parent Advocate

Parents with children who have had stem cells using our method currently make up the majority of enrollments (79%). Most of you became a spokesperson for our method after your kids had motor, sensory, and speech breakthroughs with our method. We realized we needed to provide more support for what you’re already doing.

  • You’re already answering questions about your kid’s developmental jump– now we have an approved claims list.
  • You’re already walking parents through the same process that changed your child’s life. Now we’ve created a training course filled with safety guidelines, handling protocols and other important features.
  • You’re already talking about the placenta all day long. Now we’ve created done-for-you marketing materials and a streamlined business model to harness the profit of the value you’re providing.

This program is an easy and natural add on for placenta encapsulators, but you don’t have to be a PE to have a Placenta Stem Cell Consulting Business. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Method

What's The Method You Use To Work With Stem Cells
Working With Stem Cells Is Super Easy– You just Don’t Kill Them

This course will teach you how to make maternal salves with the bio-active stem cells for cesarean scars, stretch marks and other common concerns. Most of the course focuses on the broad therapeutic potential of stem cells for persons 65 pounds and under as the ideal demographic. Due to the volume of stem cells in a term placenta, the potential of systemic gains from oral administration of the placenta may decrease as weight increases above 65 pounds. So to be clear– parents feed their children raw placenta. Placental stem cells are “orally active” and like most other natural medicines, can work medicinally when ingested. In this method, the body does all the bio-technical engineering independently by stripping the extracellular matrix and taking up what it needs. The whole field of regenerative medicine started at the turn of the century with tests done on oral ingestion of stem-cell rich bone marrow and only progressed to an injection method years later. So this method is merely harkening back to a previously accepted practice. Modern tests done on oral vs intravenous delivery of stem cells found that orally consumed stem cells are 95% as effective as injected ones. With both methods, cells do get stuck in the filtration systems of the body. Injected stem cells collect in the liver, the kidneys and lungs. Orally-consumed placental stem cells will establish in the gut—which is actually great for most kids!

What Are The Risks Of This Method?
THE RISKS OF 3rd Party PLACENTAL CONSUMPTION Are the same as maternal consumption

All statistically relevant risks are the same in this method as maternal consumption of the placenta–there are no additional risks. Though most of us are fully comfortable giving the placenta to the mother, we hesitate at the thought of giving it to a third party. Here’s the truth: if a tissue is being given for its living cellular properties, it is either passes rigid safety standards, or it doesn’t. It is either safe for anyone or else it is safe for no one. This is the common sense standard in medical communities where the vast majority of transplanted tissues have unrelated donors and recipients. We didn’t reinvent the wheel but simply adopted safety standards used by all tissue banks for live cell donation. The training courses have detailed guidelines that ensure a placenta is safe for consumption to protect from infection. Furthermore, the placenta contains properties from both the mother and child– even when the mother consumes it it contains genetics and other properties foreign to her.

Who Uses A PSCC's Services?

Our parent’s program has enrollment from countries as diverse as China, Canada, Australia, and of course parents nation-wide. For a Placenta Encapsulator, every maternal client is a possible client if they have a special needs child or a connection with a special needs child they’d like to donate to (about 20% of placentas used for stem cells are donated and this course will teach you how to serve both families in a donation process).

We’re in the process of professional data collection and are still forming outcome reports for a variety of conditions. Our three most common cases include genetic conditions, autism, and vaccine injured children. An infusion of stem cells can create significant changes in the body, even if there isn’t a clear diagnosis. This is really good news particularly for vaccine injured kids when the specific damage isn’t clearly understood. Medical teams in the regenerative medicine field need a diagnosis and treatment plan so they can inject the patient locationally with the right type of stem cells. But the placenta has a ‘broader therapeutic potential’ because there are so many types of pluripotent stem cells—after all it helped grow a whole human! Plus, it’s not being delivered locationally, but systemically just like they used to do at the turn of the last century. So the answer of whether the placenta could help any child who isn’t well, the answer is usually, truthfully, yes!

How Would I Find Clients?
Our ‘Finding Clients’ Training Is Effective, Simple, & Easy

Having a ‘consulting career’ obviously falls apart if you can’t get clients; that’s why we’ve made sure our ‘finding clients’ training is comprehensive, effective, simple, proven, and easy.

We graduate students who feel confident in clearly explaining the science behind why their method is getting similar results to programs that cost 20-70 thousand dollars; your training will enable you to have those important ‘closing the deal conversations’ and feel confident charging for your valuable consulting.This practice is on the same path toward cultural acceptance that placental encapsulation has achieved, but the best fortitude against negativity is just knowing the incredible hope you’re bringing to families who can’t afford alternative stem cell programs. Working with families is amazing.

We are often contacted by parents wanting a local professional to walk them through our method. They usually want the placenta professionally evaluated for safety; additionally, most moms are in hospitals during the three day window in which the child should receive the placenta—leaving Dad to do the honors. (Dad is usually very quick to whip out that wallet to relieve him of his solo post.) We’ve already found and ‘flash trained’ multiple placenta encapsulators and continue to hand match families with consultants. Our automated client referral system will be launching soon but before that happens there will be plenty of families in your local area to support. And we, of course, will help you find them.

What Do PSCC's Charge?
Between $379 & $979

We allow market competition to inform individual price offerings, but the consultant process ranges in price from $379-$979. Which may seem high to you, but makes informed parents weep when they cancel that $12,000 stem cell infusion appointment and their costly international travel arrangements. We’re going to uncover any ‘money blocks’ as a part of the course and help you understand how prices work to signal value and trustworthiness. At our sister site, we offer a DIY option for parents that’s affordably low, and we’ve never turned anyone away for lack of ability to pay. We promise to keep our program accessible so you can keep yours prestigious.

What About Blood Typing & rH Factors?

Blood type and the blood Rh factor don’t have a structural roll in the cell’s functioning and do not have to be a match between donor and recipient. Even if you were to receive a full organ like a kidney, the blood type does not have to match. What has to ‘match’ between donor and recipient are the human leukocyte antigens (HLA). A mismatch in MHC Class I molecules is the primary cause of transplant rejection, which is why it’s so significant that amniotic tissues have very few of these HLA cell surface receptors—the body doesn’t read the tissue as foreign or attempt to eliminate them. When amniotic tissue do have these cell surface receptors, siblings have a 1-in-4 chances of being a perfect match. In addition to having low HLAs, much of the after-birth tissue is immune privileged.


The magic of our program isn’t secret content; it’s that we’ve built-in a dozen ways to be ‘with you’ in the process and to hold you accountable—to yourself and the vision we uncover together.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Program

How Much Does The Certification Cost?

397.00– and that’s it! We’ve spent thousands on our ‘done-for-you swipe files’ that include valuable assets like professionally composed legal waivers, dozens of marketing material design files, and lots more, so your cost of integrating this service into your current placenta encapsulation business should be very low. If you don’t already have a PE business, don’t worry–we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to set up a consulting business as a placenta stem cell consultant.

How Much Time Per Week Will This Program Take?

About three hours per week for 5-6 weeks. Most students have full family schedules so our timeline is designed to be manageable with real-life responsibilities.The fastest completion time was 7 weeks but our average is about 11 weeks for those actively completing the course.

More than half your time will be spent producing work to launch your consulting business whether it’s stand-alone or an additional service offering in a placenta encapsulation business.The Common Core Branding Courses etc are practical, project-based assignments and personal challenges that are interwoven through-out the course. A typical lesson for these might include a 10-minute business strategy video leading to a curated assignment to build a business assets you need to go live. You’ll be acting immediately on new insights instead of thinking “oh, I remember that presentation on how to process credit card payments for my clients…but none of the specifics…how do I do that” …six months later.

These courses are organized around action, around finishing, around sharing your work and learning from that experience. As you complete projects you’ll set them ‘live’ and get coaching from your program directors, feedback from your peers, and then have an assignment to support fellow students with constructive feedback—which is just another way to help you play with the ideas you’ll be learning.

What Do I Have To Do To Be Certified

What are our steps to certification? we’re glad you asked! Because we drew this picture for you.

What’s The Common Core Module All About?

The Uncover Your Brilliance Module gets personal and practical. We believe your family is just as important as the ones you’re serving, and that’s why we’ve included lifestyle design strategies.

Our innovative and life-changing courses are built to accelerate you into your own dynamic well-being first, and to carry that to the families you serve. We think it matters, not just what you know, but who you are; so our neuroscience-based skills training will equip you to exude a calm professionalism while guiding families. Many families experience this process as a high-stakes opportunity–some of them have chosen to have an additional child or are ‘adopting’  a donated placenta from family or friends. Showing up with consistent excellence even amidst challenges requires the mastery of multiple skills. The courses will demystify how to build a foundation in your everyday life that can sustain the cost of really going for your dreams.

To start with, we’re going to clear the clutter in your workspace, your calendar, and your mindset, and we’re going to journey together toward creating a life and a business that you love. You’ll probably get excited, doubt whether the method will work for you, think it’s the dumbest idea ever, think it’s the best idea ever, think you only want to do the part that fits with your personality, realize you actually need to do the other part that you threw away, and come out at the end totally different and exactly true to who you always were. Best part: the course is long enough for you to develop new habits within a community of people who are also upgrading in a serious way so the results last.

What Deliverables Do I Actually Get With This Program?
  • Lifetime access to the Brilliant Birth Academy Placenta Stem Cell Consultant Certification online course.
  • Epic Bonuses including Finishers Formula, Premium Done-For-You Marketing Materials, legal/contract swipe files, social media assets and more.
  • Membership in the Brilliant Birthworker Online Community, where you’ll connect with others making the same strides.
  • Rapid response times on all your comments and questions so you never feel stuck waiting. 
  •  A Brilliant Events Pass to all of Brilliant Birth Academy’s online events and summits.
  • A 40% off Brilliant Insider Coupon Code to use on ALL future course purchases with us. 
Do I Have To Already Be A Certified Placenta Encapsulator?
The Course Is Designed For Current Placenta Encpasulators And First-Time Certification Applicants

Placental Stem Cell Consults can be an add-on to existing placental encapsulation services, or pursued as a stand alone business. A Brilliant Birth Academy placental stem cell consultant will be a fully trained in the protocols from the placenta encapsulation field, except for the additional services an encapsulator provides such as encapsulation, tincture, or print-making.