Committed To spreading Accessible Care

During the founding launch of our placenta encapsulation program, one of our students told us she would be the first encapsulation provider on her island in Hawaii. Ashley and I were floored. How could there still be such huge areas without access to care? Since that first class we have given over 600 full ride scholarships in just two short years as an expression of our passion to bring every baby into a world that feels like love. Please share this page to help us find those who are willing to train and willing to serve. 

Every Tribe Every Nation Is A Scholarship For Those With The Intention To serve

We’re proud to partner with your calling to serve with certification scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply For This Scholarship?

Follow the links at the top or bottom of the page (or just click here) to go to our application page. Our process is simple and easy, and our acceptance rates are high. Please watch the video on our application page that lays out our terms and conditions and demonstrates what the application looks like. It takes most students less than 20 minutes to complete the whole process.

What Programs Can I Apply This Scholarship To?

Brilliant Birth Academy exists to love and support birthworkers so we have multiple free classes (and more coming soon). This scholarship is only applicable to our paid courses. Currently, the Placenta Department is the only department accepting applications.

I’ve Already Purchased A Course, Can This Scholarship Be Retroactively Applied?

Unfortunately no, Every Tribe Every Nation Scholarships are not applicable retroactively. You may apply them to a future launch for a different certification program than the one you’ve already purchased.

Can I Be Awarded Multiple Scholarships With This Program?

The Every Tribe Every Nation Scholarship is a one-time certification scholarship grant. Only one scholarship per person is accepted at the Academy. However once you are in the Brilliant Birth Academy family, you will have access to our exclusive Brillliant Insider Discount which we hope will make future purchases more accessible to you.

What Happens If I Don’t Get Accepted?

Our acceptance rates are high, but acceptance is not guaranteed. If your application is not chosen as a finalist for the scholarship, you will be sent a notice letter within 5 business days; you are welcome to reapply an application with a different focus (isolated, remote, or underserved-demographic) during the current launch cycle, or you may apply during a different launch cycle to a different certification program where there may be less volume and higher acceptance rates.

Isolated Families

If you live in an isolated area where it is challenging for newborn mothers to access care, thank you for your willingness to serve on your home-front! We’re on a mission to bring compassionate care to all newborn families in this generation. Please use the links at the top and bottom of the page to go to our application page and view the qualifications for an isolated area scholarship–our isolated area qualifications might surprise you–check them out!

Under-Served Mothers

Under-served scholarships are given even in saturated areas if applicants are intending to serve specific demographics such as mothers delivering in the prison system etc. if no one else in that area is providing services to that demographic, and there is a true access to care barrier. We can’t wait to hear what you’re passionate about, and look forward to partnering with you to bring an experience of joy and peace to the most vulnerable births. Let’s keep serving until every baby is born into a world that feels like love.

Remote Locations & Disaster Zones

If you are a missionary, a foreign aid worker, or someone who does disaster relief efforts, let us know! We want to partner with you to serve vulnerable families wherever you go. You’re already going to the nations–let us help your service be even more valuable with an additional birth certification. Thank you for investing in yourself and for bringing birth care to all the families of the earth; (we’re also secretly hoping you’ll share the valuable birth wisdom from the remote regions of the world with your class)!


Every Tribe Every Nation is an expression of our passion to bring every newborn into an earth that feels like love. We are contending for a fundamental shift in how we support all births in one generation. This generation. If you have a calling to serve, we want to certify it. Are we looking for you?