Brilliant Birth Academy curates programs to certify and equip the people doing some of the most important work on the planet. Certify your calling and join our mission to bring every baby into a world that feels like love. 

Discover A Life-Changing Education Experience

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Our Academy Is Diverse

Our curriculum is sourced by over 1000 medical journal articles, 300 popular books on birth, dozens of modern obstetric textbooks, and every single midwifery textbook published in English since the 1950’s. Our methods align with proven strategies that are improving birth outcomes worldwide, and all our material is reviewed by field-specific Course Directors.

Our Content Is Condensed

Our course will likely take you less time than most others because they’re condensed. Foundational principles are arraigned into a strategic framework so you can easily internalize core principles into a developed intuition. When you leave our course you’ll feel like a professional, because you’ll actually be one.

Our Training Is Career-Focused

With Brilliant Birth Academy you’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself. Our business training modules are action-based learning experiences with curated assignments that systematically build the business assets you need to go live. You’ll build amazing relationships as we dream, brainstorm, flesh-out, simplify, and execute on your business.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve finished an alternative training. You open up your browser and what do you type in the search box? What do you have to think of, to know, to create, to finish, in order to take that first payment and serve that first client? Our Academy doesn’t stop with selling certifications; our goal is to unleash Brilliant Birthworkers who have epic, complete businesses they’re proud of. It’s no secret that many of our students choose our academy because of the business courses and many more go on to become successful serial entrepreneurs.

Our Scholarships

A certification course with Brilliant Birth Academy is an investment in yourself, your family, and your community. We invest in birth professionals by making our certification courses accessible through scholarships. Since 2015 we’ve given away over 500 certification scholarships to disaster relief victims, foster-care graduates, and other demographics. The Every Tribe Every Nation Scholarship is our most recent scholarship focusing on care accessibility.

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We believe birth professionals could change the world in one generation. This generation.

These open-source courses are designed to help you to prosper in business and enjoy life while you do it—because isn’t true wealth the enjoyment of life? Designed for busy birth professionals who just want to focus on their practice but need their business details to be handled as quickly and easily as possible.